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Good Riddance: Robredo Resigns from Cabinet But Will Not allow Bongbong Marcos to be V.P.

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Vice President Leni Robredo resigns from her cabinet post as the government’s housing czar. This is after President Rodrigo Duterte advises her not to attend cabinet meetings anymore after Dec 5. Many senators support her decision to quit and the president gladly accepts her resignation. She did not leave the responsibility without threatening Bongbong Marcos. She said that she will not allow him to steal the Vice Presidency. It is always true that the real thief is the one throwing false accusations into other in the hope that they will be cleared from their own sins.

Youtube video by; KyleIsAwesome
[VIDEO]: Bringing down power costs was the main agenda at the Philippine Electricity Summit in Davao City. But energy officials also touched on the controversies surrounding the Energy Regulatory Commission. ANC, Business Nightly, December 2, 2016

No Support for Housing Projects

Robredo knew from the start that the President does nott want to give her a cabinet post. However, as they try to settle their differences, Duterte listened to Ramos to work together with her. However, both sides already indicate that it is not just possible. So, why force the issue? The people can only hope that she will also resign as V.P. – at least the majority voters feel so.

Stealing is not Marcos’ nature but Robredo’s forte

On the night after the election, people can attest that they were just allowed to sleep for few hours and early in the morning, the unbelievable news strike – Leni Robredo is already leading. Judging from the election results from the servers, the trend of the big jump is not just possible if there’s no “magic” happening there. Who are they trying to fool?

Robredo, Marcos did not steal the country’s wealth, check World Bank

It is unbelievable that the second most powerful person in the country did not know where the gold reserves are as deposited by the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos and used as gold reserves for the country. She keeps on accusing the Marcoses of stealing while the gold bars are laughing at her innocence or dumbness if rudeness is allowed.

Mass Resignation Seen to Prepare for the Coup

Robredo’s resignation is not the first after the Marcos burial – and there will be more government officials follow  suit as Duterte pressures those who can’t be in line with his objectives to give up. It’s going to be a wait and see game. For sure, it’s getting more exciting now in the world of Philippine politics.

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Diokno’s False Vindication on Marcos: Resigned National Historical Commissioner Leads UP Protest not Kontra Gapi


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

President Rodrigo Duterte approves the resignation of  the National Historical Commissioner who resigns over the burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Maria Serena Diokno explains that such burial is a mockery of the 1986 People Power revolution and the country’s fight for freedom. However, this shows that she is a biased historian because she failed to recognize the other side of the story. Her bitterness even led her to trick UP students particularly the Kontra Gapi group who was earlier reported to be leading the anti-Marcos burial protest recently. A member discloses that the group was only there to play their musical talent and they do not care if the event is organized by the left or right political wing – conservative or not. Diokno was the guest of honor as publicized – but analyzing the scenario, it’s most likely that her like-minded group organized it.

Youtube video by; KyleIsAwesome

[VIDEO]: The head of the National Historical Commission resigns in protest over the Marcos burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Maria Serena Diokno, head of the commission, said the burial is tantamount to a denial of history.

Liberal Party Ways

What Diokno exhibits here is the true character of the Liberal Party. They mislead the  people and use groups, associations particularly students on their quest to discredit Marcos without them knowing it. Once a protest is staged, just look at the list of alleged politicians or guests present and you will immediately know who organized it.

UP Students are Used

The UP students’ passion for their trade like Kontra Gapi’s love for cultural music is being used by many politicians to make noise on their concerns. The group would even play without pay just to share their talent. They said that they are just tasked to make some noise – and playing their music is one thing that comes to mind.

Some Media are Still Conniving with the Liberal

The headline clearly shows in many reports that Kontra Gapi led the UP protest when they do not even identify themselves to be anti or pro-Marcos. Why do these politicians drag the good name of the university along with them? It must be the same as the oblation run by the scholars. It is a yearly tradition of the university that is linked to the Marcos burial.

Efforts to Destroy Bongbong Marcos

The Liberal Party politicians cannot destroy the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos’ name anymore because he’s already dead. What they are afraid of is the emergence of Bongbong Marcos in the executive power. Once Bongbong is already there, they cannot continue exploiting their interests anymore. The Filipino would know that they have been brainwashing the country that made them think that the Philippines is poor when it’s the opposite. They are making the Philippines poor by not making use of the gold reserves deposited by Marcos – and telling the public that he stole them!

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Marcos Burial: Let it Go (or be left out) – Once Bongbong Marcos Assumes VP Post, He will be President in no Time!

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Albay 1st District Representative Edcel Lagman petition said that; The burial of a condemned dictator, confirmed plunderer, and censured violator of human rights in the Cemetery of Heroes will not lead to closure because it sanctifies evil and installs a despot and oppressor in the venerable memorial for good men. This is a mere opinion by the congressman since he refused to acknowledged the opposite side which is greater in number. Many Filipinos believe that Ferdinand E. Marcos is a hero and he deserved to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani more than anyone else.

Youtube video by; KyleIsAwesome
[VIDEO]: The Communist Party of the Philippines urges President Rodrigo Duterte to “reverse” the burial of the remains of president Ferdinand Marcos at the Heroes’ Cemetery, calling it a “historical wrong.”

Imee Marcos: Let it Go

Marcos’ daughter, Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos, has told her father’s critics to “let go” in the past of their grudges so the nation can be united. The pro-Marcos try not to counteract the protests but they believe that unity can happen with or without the anti-Marcos. They will be left out or outgrow their hatred and grudges as days go by.

No Big Fuzz

There might be many protests happening these days but none of them are quite substantial to manage to interrupt with the economy. They are just making noise in the hope that the media would escalate the staged news. Although people get tired of hearing about the protests. They are just a waste of time as many people said including Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada.

Duterte’s Campaign Promise Fulfilled and Why Not?

Duterte announces it that if  he would become president, he will allow the Marcos burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. The people voted, he won and why do protesters refuse to listen? Majority of the people want the late Marcos to be buried there and he cannot be denied with that arrangement as per the laws of the land.

Bongbong Marcos: Liberal Party’s Nightmare

Ex-president Benigno Simeon Aquino II also tried to block Bongbong Marcos’ occupying the second highest public position in the country. He and his team had a temporary success after the election – but they were not ready for President Rodrigo Duterte. He would also do everything he can to block their evil intentions. It will not be surprising if Bongbong Marcos will eventually win his electoral protest soon and be installed as Vice President replacing Leni Robredo. When that happens, he might be president even before 2022.

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Bongbong Marcos: Content of SD Cards Vital for Fraud Physical Evidence as Demanded by Comelec

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Bongbong Marcos’ camp asks the Supreme Court (SC) sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) on to disclose to them with results of the decryption of the supposedly “unused” SD (secured digital) cards reported to have contained election data when they were stripped from the computers. These SD cards,  were are from the 1,356 units of contingency VCMs (vote counting machines). It’s  presence would boost the position of protestant Marcos that the mere physical examination of the subject VCMs, boxes, seals, stickers and SD cards is indeed inadequate to prove that the same were not used in the 9 May 2016 Elections. George Erwin Garcia, counsel of Marcos filed the manifestation submitted to the Supreme Court.

Youtube video by; KyleIsAwesome
[VIDEO]: MANILA, Philippines (Eagle News) — Kampo ni dating Senador Bongbong Marcos, hiniling sa Korte Suprema na malaman ang nilalaman ng mga unused SD cards noong nakaraang eleksiyon.

Comelec Demanded Marcos Physical Evidence for Alleged Fraud

Comelec officials who are defending the election fiasco with Smartmatic can only be so brave to ask for the physical evidence of the data fraud mentioned in Marcos’ election protest against Robredo. They made sure that the Marcos camp cannot access them without their permission. This is the reason why Marcos has to file a manifestation to the SC to be furnished with copies for the said data. If their are no anomalies in those SD Cards, why won’t they make them transparent instead as per proper protocol?

The Election Vote Counts were not Transparent at All

The servers that transmit data to the media for transparency sake seem like an act only. They fail to capture the actual voting because there’s another secret server that is hidden from the eyes of the public. The people can only guess the purpose of the third server. They can be used to mislead the voters that the counting are happening continuously. In actuality, they are looking at the manipulated votes generated from any one of those servers.

Why is it so hard to get copies of the SD card data?

Since it’s digital, the SD cards can just be duplicated and given to the Marcos camp instantly if the Comelec is not hiding anything. At the rate it is going, the difficulties of obtaining those data start from requesting SC to give an order to the Comelec to possible reveal their content. The agency refused to release them on the argument that they were not used. Marcos’ counsel said that the fact that many of the supposedly “unused” SD cards were found to have data during the stripping activities for 1,356 units of contingency VCMs bolstered their position that mere physical examination is not enough to prove that they were not used in the last elections.

Comelec is Tricky to Bongbong Marcos

The Comelec is very tricky to Bongbong Marcos from the alteration of the computer script to the revelation of the third server. Now, they are not willing to share the data of the SD cards. What could they expect from the people if not from Bongbong Marcos himself? They are obviously hiding something.

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UP Kontra Gapi Led Protests Dared Teaching Duterte, Bongbong Marcos about Democracy but Failed to Recognize the Majority Pro-Marcoses


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Where is a democracy if you only listen to one side? Protesters, led by the UP Kontra Gapi, held a noise barrage to protest on the Marcos burial For less than 5 minutes, they pounded on drums, smashed the sticks that held their placards, and shouted anti-Marcos slogans. The groups iDefend and Block Marcos, whose members also attended the rally, staged their own noise barrage in pocket protests elsewhere earlier in the day. There were only about 100 of them making such noise pollution. If these kids really know about democracy then they would also listen to the millions of pro-Marcoses’ sentiments that outnumbered them. In a democratic environment, the majority always wins – not the noisiest!

Youtube video by; KyleIsAwesome


Diokno was Inspired by Students who knew Nothing

Among the politicians and musicians was Maria Serena Diokno, who had just resigned as chairperson of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines over Marcos’ burial at the Heroes’ Cemetery. Diokno, daughter of the late alleged anti-dictatorship Senator Jose “Pepe” Diokno, said her fellow historians wanted her to stay in her position since they do not know who will be appointed by the administration. She, however, said she would be passing the torch to the young people not forgetting history as imposed by their mentors. They chant teaching Duterte and Marcos about democracy without considering the sentiments of the Pro-Marcoses who are greater in number.

Rebellious in Nature

In today’s era, teenagers who are rebellious not only to their parents are also indifferent towards the government. Most of these students seek asylum in the company of their like-minded colleagues in schools and mentors where they spent most of their time with. The work lifestyle of adults today required them to stay away from home most of the time. Student activists are either left at home resorting to social media for their company or stay in a dormitory with fellow students being administered by such educators. Their actions of rebellion is directed not only to the government but also to their parents mostly in general.

They will Change as they Become Mature

Some politicians may be successful in using them for now that they have not matured into making good judgements yet. Always, in real life, as they grow older and takes care of their own family, they will surely realise why things happened and how one-sided they are in participating in those protests. They will get better in time.

Democracy is hearing Two Sides and Make Judgements based on the Majority Rule- Not making Noise!

As the Liberal Party is getting desperate in increasing their number, they resorted to making noise to catch the public’s attention. They can only make use and influence the fragile teenagers  but never those who have researched well and listen to their parents and the older people who are more knowledgeable about what happened during Martial Law Days. In short, they are wasting their time because they don’t know any better how to spend it wisely. Let alone teaching Duterte and the Marcoses about democracy!

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Response to Rappler’s Lopez on Marcos at the Libingan: Visit or Story? Why Visit a day after the Strongman’s Burial if the Intention is Purely to Visit the Dead?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
In response to Leslie V. Advincula-Lopez’s article at the Rappler criticizing the srict security measures and the lack of alternative transport for the security process is understandable. Her frustrations are real but given that she is visiting with older people, they should have considered that a very popular strongman just got buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani with lots of protests going on. Why visit a relative there a day after the said burial? Is there anything she wanted to check about just for this article? She should have the heart and mind to decide what is right for her family and not insist on her story.

Youtube video by; KyleIsAwesome
[VIDEO]: Unang Balita is the news segment of GMA Network’s daily morning program, Unang Hirit.

AFP Authoritarian Heritage?

Lopez might be right in sayinng that even after 30 years have already passed, the wounds left by the Martial Law years are still fresh in the minds of the alleged victims or their families, especially those who had never recovered the bodies of their loved ones. They did not have such closure as what the Marcoses experienced after the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos was buried there. However, putting this blame of the AFP’s shoulders is unfair. She should know the protocol of the military and question the President himself as their commander-in-chief.

Dignity of the Fallen Heroes at the LNMB

This is very just an opinion of Ms. Lopez that; “While the fallen heroes of LNMB died with dignity, the humiliating things that the commander in chief is imposing on those who were left behind is actually robbing these people of dignity and self-respect. It is cowardice to hide behind the cloak of the overly used phrase that “we are just following orders.” She should understand that President Rodrigo Duterte is just imlementing the law of the land and ruling imposed by the Supreme Court in response to the petition of the Marcoses to allow the burial as supported by the majority of Filipinos. She should check the facts that there are more pro-Marcoses than the misled anti-Marcoses based on the turnout of votes during last election with the Binay-Santiago-Duterte alliance for Bongbong Marcos as future President. Perhap, she cannot swallow that ultimate reality!

Bad Timing for the Visit

If Lopez and her family is really into the visit, why do it a day after Marcos’ burial? As a journalist, she should have known the facts that the situation is pretty intense even until now. Why insist in pursuing that if it’s the convenience she’s after. For sure there will be other reasons. Perhaps to throw criticisms at the Duterte administration and criticize the Marcos family further.

Story or Visit?

Their decision to make such visit tha the Heroes’ Cemetery boils down to two things. Either they are really into the visit that they would bear anything to get that done or write a trending story that she obviously needs. Either to voice out her anti-Marcos sentiments or fill up the publication’s requirement?

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Estrada on Marcos: As Christians, we do not have Authority to Judge the Dead!


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada advice protesters against Marcos burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani that they should look for ways to help the country. Instead of wasting their time, these young people should help themselves to be the future of the country. As Christians, who are we to judge the dead Marcos? We do not have the right, he said.

Youtube video by; KyleIsAwesome
[VIDEO]: Erap Estrada on Marcos burial

Marcos would have long been buried at the LNMB if his presidency was not cut short

It is a fact that if his presidency was not taken over by the Edsa revolution in connivance with the Americans who befriended the late Strongman, the LNMB is still his resting place upon his death. So, why not give to him something that is already overdue?

Millennials do not Listen to their Oldies

There might be isolated cases of grandchildren seeking revenge for the plight of their grandparents as alleged Martial Law victims – but those were not great in number. The majority are millennials who do not much knowledge about the Marcos reign but refused to listen to the explanations of the older members of their family who know better. They have this kind of attitude that will just shut off parents or grandparents.

Police Authorities are Imposing Maximum Tolerance

The police who are subject to recent complaints on authority abuses are ordered to impose maximum tolerance. This is to prevent that kind of happenings when a police vehicle just rammed off protesters. Estrada and Duterte, however, pleaded to make any protest peaceful or else the government will be forced to instil discipline in a way they might not like.

Estrada is for Marcos

When Mayor Joseph Estrada was President, he was for Marcos. That continues to this date. Christians must at least be obedient to their faith and not allow hatred to dominate. What can religion do when the followers are not Christian enough to follow the church’s teachings?

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PCGG Wants To Loot More Marcos Wealth Looks Through Bongbong Marcos & Imelda’s Inheritance

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG), an agency formed to recover Marcos’ alleged ill-gotten wealth, hopes to recover more “loots” through the Marcoses’ pending court cases.  CNN recently discloses tht; PCGG Acting Chairman Reynold Munsayac said there are 282 pending cases in relation to an estimated $10 billion (roughly ₱500 billion) that the late President Ferdinand Marcos and his family allegedly stolen from government coffers during his two-decade regime – but he refused to look at the World Bank record. Instead, he is looking at the inheritance of the Marcos family through Bongbong Marcos’ estate and Imelda Marcos. The motif is obviously just to create a stir to make people believe the existence of the rumored stolen wealth.

Youtube video by; KyleIsAwesome

[VIDEO]: The families of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos and his alleged crony were ordered to return properties bought with illegally obtained wealth

Duterte Wants more Power to PCGG

President Rodrigo Duterte is more into expanding the extent of the agency’s powers. Although the PCGG has yet to receive orders which is not the President’s priority right now, Munsayac said the President can assign graft and corruption cases for the PCGG to investigate, according to the agency’s mandate.


Duterte Allows the PCGG to Investigate

Since the agency is already part of Duterte’s budget, they should investigate more even if their find will lead them to the Word Bank, to their dismay. It is good that they will continue working so as not to waste the people’s money of their existence. Meda just have to be careful in whatever they say because that can lead to confusions.

Misleading the Public

The PCGG should make sure right now to get the facts clear first before they open their mouth. Due to the pen data provided by the internet, most people are already knowledgeable with what’s going on. It is just a matter of who believes it more or less – that the Marcoses still got some wealth hidden.

PCGG better not loot Marcos’ Inheritance

It will be chaos if the PCGG insisted on sequestering more personal wealth from the Marcos family! They cannot deny the fact that the late strongman was already rich before becoming president and that inheritance must be retained in the possession of the Marcoses. The Filipino people are not interested in such wealth that does not belong to them.

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How About Duterte Making Former UP Students Pay for their Wrong Accusations against Marcos?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It is understandable that hundreds of University of the Philippines-Diliman student council alumni hold President Rodrigo Duterte accountable for the recent burial of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani (Heroes’ Cemetery). They think that it’s a dishonor and a despicable act by the highest leader of the country and he must be responsible for that. This is not a problem at all for as long as they will contain such activity through peaceful means. If they go beyond that, perhaps the can try another Marcos in Duterte’s name. Like Bongbong Marcos said, they have the right to be wrong as well – so can Duterte, make them liable for that?

Youtube video by; KyleIsAwesome

[VIDEO]: Duterte on Marcos Burial, Ambush Interview in Lima, Peru November 18, 2016.

Senator Francis Pangilinan’s Agony

More than 300 former student leaders signed the statement holding Duterte liable. Among those were Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) co-founder Malou Mangahas, broadcast journalist David Celdran, Commission on Human Rights chairperson Chito Gascon, and Senator Francis Pangilinan. This is for sure that reason why he is so vocal about his stand against the Marcos burial because he was a student activist at UP.

Not Just Duterte

The UP alumni also questioned the 9 Supreme Court justices for allowing the burial to happen. By a vote of 9-5, the High Court on November 8 rejected petitions that sought to stop the burial of the late dictator. They expressed their strongest condemnation for the burial of the dictator in the resting place of heroes. They claimed that they stand against the deliberate attempt to revise history and to erase the memory of those who fought for the democracy they know. What about the laws? What if Marcos’ intention was to contain their anger to prevent more bloodshed?

Student Councils Abolished

During the martial law years, Marcos abolished student councils, organizations, and publications to quell the growing dissent of the youth at that time. Many student leaders, activists, and journalists were abducted, tortured, raped, and murdered under his authoritarian rule. Marcos only signed the order but the one implementing the law are the members of the Philippine Constabulary with former President Fidel Ramos as their chief. Why won’t these UP former students address their concern to Ramos since he is still alive? Perhaps, their purpose is not really for justice

Deep Pains but what if they are Wrong?

Upon the restoration of the UPD USC, they have continued to call for justice and accountability, especially during present times, but don’t you think they are barking at the wrong tree? If this is about Bongbong Marcos, they are just wasting their time. The majority has decided to make him president at the soonest possible time.

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No One Could Block The Leader We Want: Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Life is not always the same. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. Does the Liberal Party knew this basic principle? At the rate it is going, they never stopped capitalizing of the dead Marcos to desperately stop Bongbong Marcos’ rise to the executive office.

Youtube video by; KyleIsAwesome

[VIDEO]: The 2016 elections may be over and President Rodrigo Duterte in China for a state visit, but that didn’t stop the Philippine leader from bringing up the election protest filed by former vice presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr against Vice President Leni Robredo.

Duterte, Binay, Estrada’s Pro-Marcos Stint

The Liberal Party’s strategy has been outsmarted by the original alliance of Duterte, Binay, and the late Miriam Defensor Santiago. Now, Former President Joseph Estrada is on board saying that protestors should help the country – not waste their time. It will not be surprising if the former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will also do the same.

Anti-Corruption Strategies

Bongbong Marcos once said that when elected vice president, he said he would promote meritocracy in government. No “favoritism.” A leader should surround himself with the best of the best in the Cabinet. Marcos reiterated that the Freedom of Information Act is “a tool to build trust”

Social Responsibilities

Using the “golden age” of agriculture during his father’s time, Marcos will make the sector a key part of his economic program. He will promote rice, corn, and livestock production in the province. He filed Senate Bill 14 or the National Irrigation Program of 2013, which seeks to irrigate 95% of irrigable lands in 3 years when he was a senator. He wants to crack down unfair labor practices, like “contractualization”. He will prioritize to ensure the affordability of prices of basic goods and will address the lack of jobs nationwide.

Governance Preparations of Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos authored a Senate version of the Children’s Emergency Relief and Protection Act and the  PAGASA Modernization Act, seeking to upgrade the equipment of the state weather bureau and increase the salaries of its personnel. All these great works in the past prove to show that like his father, Marcos only has the welfare of the Filipinos in mind. Why does the Liberal Party blocking the progress of the Philippines?