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10 Parañaque City Jail Inmates Seek Warden for Transfer when Explosion Happened


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
10 people have died after an explosion went off at the Parañaque City Jail on last Thursday evening. Two of the 10 dead individuals were Chinese inmates. It was alleged that ten inmates requested to talk to jail warden, Jail Supt. Gerald Bantag.

Parañaque Deputy Chief of Police Supt. Wilson Doromal said in a statement that the inmates wanted to discuss their transfer of detention cells. The inmates were armed with a pistol, a balisong or fan knife and one was carrying a grenade. Then, an explosion was heard resulting to the death of 8 inmates instantly while two inmates were declared Dead on Arrival at the Parañaque hospital.

Bantag, was also injured in the blast. The names of the fatalities were not disclosed before the nearest kin will be informed. This has triggered family members to rush into the gates of the jail.


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