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34 Million Pro-Marcos with Binay-Duterte Alliance: Ferdinand Marcos’ Simple Wishes Are Bound To Happen

Ferdinand Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The late president Ferdinand Edralin Marcos’ simple wishes are bound to happen and aside from being cared of in Veteran Hospitals, he will be laid to rest with fellow World War 2 soldiers. It is not America not martial law critics than can attest his heroism but his co-comrades in battles. Governor Imee Marcos’ interview with GMA reveals all of those basic intentions for the only strongman the Philippines can ever have.

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Imee’s Wonderful Birthday Gift

The latest SC decision to allow the late Marcos’ burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani is very timely for Governor Imee Marcos’s upcoming birthday. After 27 years of waiting and fighting democratically for it to happen, the Marcos family can now gave a sigh of relief to give honor to their father which is also the wishes of the solid North particularly in Ilocos.

Human Rights Groups Discrediting Marcos

Gov. Marcos has no jurisdiction over the failed attempts of anti-martial law groups to stop Marcos’ burial at the Heroes’ Cemetery because he’s allegedly not a hero. However, being a soldier and a medal of valor awardee at that, Marcos of all sense of the world is already a hero in his own rights – not to mention being the President of the Philippines for 20 long years.

Hidden Wealth Allegations

Debating whether Marcos is a hero or not has nothing to do with the rumored hidden wealth and other alleged crimes. His being a hero is already covered in the military’s guidelines of how to be one. It’s the court of law now that would decide how to go about the hidden wealth if it really exists. Also, martial law victims are already awarded with compensations from the family’s accounts that were confiscated by the Aquino government under the PCGG. It is just a matter of releasing it to the rightful beneficiaries which is already out of the discretion of the Marcos heirs.

The Tide Has Turned

In the last six years, the Aquino government has already lobbied with the alleged martial law victims and that is enough. It is time now for the solid North and other Marcos supporters elsewhere to rejoice and look forward to more favorable happenings as allowed by circumstances. This is not about winning or losing. This is about acceptance. Accepting that today’s Duterte era is not anymore pro-Aquino can make it easier for critics. Now, they have the chance to unite with the pro-Marcos and pro-Duterte, because they are not as vindictive as the Aquinos before. That way, they can avoid living bitterly and instead join the many Filipinos who will progress under the Bongbong Marcos presidency in the near future. After all, it’s their choice as the pro-Marcoses join forces and it has gone massively abundant this days. How big? Just imagine Duterte and Marcos supporters then add Binay’s as well as the late Santiago’s avid followers to that – together as one! 34 million Filipinos perhaps?

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