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6th Trumpet Sound – Duterte’s stand on China vs Muslim War

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The sixth trumpet sounds of the seven have already been heard in various parts of the world despite the attempt of concealing or disregarding this. According to End Time article, this second-to-last trumpet will sound before a war is started near the Euphrates River. This waterway traverses Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Iran, which comprise the Middle East.Revelation 9:13-21 indicates that four angels will command an army of 200 million individuals. With a population of more than 1 billion people, China is able to field an army that consists of more than 200 million soldiers, and in addition, countries united under the Islamic faith have the ability to create an army of the same size. When a new world-dominating government is established under the Antichrist, an event coming very soon, we will be in the midst of a great war that will see the Abomination of Desolation and the Great Tribulation.

End Time highlighted: The Bible indicates in Revelation that seven trumpets will sound before the end of the age and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Five of the seven have already sounded as evidenced by critical moments in recent history, and a third world war, which is the triggering event of the sixth trumpet, may have already begun. Our understanding of Biblical prophecies and the events that have already come to pass, will guide us in what to expect when the final two trumpets sound. Five of the seven trumpets that signify the end of the age have come to pass. With only two left to occur, we must look to the Bible to understand what to expect.

People from different parts of the world reported hearing the sounds – with the most recent one from Samar in the Philippines. Social media video clips coming from Canada, Australia, Germany and the United States also testified on the same thing. Many bible-based Christians knew what’s going to happen but this has been contradicted by scientific observations that just don’t make sense. With the new Philippine-elect President Rodrigo Duterte’s stand to defend its territories claimed by China and Malaysia even if war is the answer in fighting side by side with Muslim brothers – is just too much of a coincidence. Despite the many detractors of this tough-talking President, the United States is closely monitoring his actions to be ready as the country’s ally for defense against China and its allies!


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