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8 effective ways to get rid of acne or pimples

There are times when acne or pimples becomes the main antagonist in our daily lives. It can hinder a person from socializing or even drive him or her into hiding. Of course there are those who don’t mind have multiple volcanic eruptions on their faces but most can feel the agony of having it, let alone the pain it causes as it pulsates on your delicate skin, demanding the spotlight on every crucial moments or pictures.

There are ways to control acne or pimples but first we need to get rid of all the floating myths and get a better understanding of the predicament before we dive down to the solution.

What to understand?

  • Acne or pimples in majority is NOT caused by a person neglecting their personal hygiene.


Though not washing your face or washing it too much can be the cause, most are due to your skin’s genetic makeup, hormones, health or sometimes even your diet can be a factor.

  • Acne that are left alone will not guarantee that you won’t scar.


Usually if you have mild acne, your immune system will most likely deal with it with no problems. But if you have moderate to severe acne, it will most likely leave a mark of some sort in its glory.

  • Beware of acne products, especially facial washes that advertise itself as anti-acne.

Even if it’s made to cure acne, it has been proven time and time again that people will label their product as something that can combat acne without even having any trace of key ingredients and will most likely make you waste tons of cash until you give up and just decides to live your life as a bona-fide pizza face.

Okay, now that we’ve discussed the predicament of having acne, let’s start treating them. But first, let me exclaimed that I’m not in any way a doctor but based these pointers on my personal experiences and some from consultations of my own dermatologist.

8 Effective Ingredients and methods to combat acne:

8. Ibuprofen: Not all will agree but I have to say that it sometimes work for me, especially on those moderate under the skin acne that hurts all so bad. For me this reduces the inflammation and not to mention the pain itself and helps you forget about the huge dot on your face. I recommend taking  it before bedtime for better results.


7. Acne Extraction or Acne Surgery: Commonly reserved for pimples that has whiteheads; sometimes this can be effective as the last resort, relieving pressure and pain in the process. This is usually followed up by anti-bacterial creams or oral tablets. Please avoid doing it on your own to lessen the chance of you scarring and seek professional help unless you know what you are doing.


6. Salicylic Acid: This acid not only helps unclog pores by increasing cell renewal cycle rate and also reduce skin inflammation. This acid perpetrates better deep down than most acid and are easily available over the counter as corn remover and are available as creams or liquid.


5. Benzoyl Peroxide: I have tried 10%, 5%, 2.5%. These are effective in shedding dead skin cells as they are keratolytic in nature. It also works as an anti-bacterial agent and produce benzoic acid when used on skin. 5% – 10% concentrations are good for spot application but if you need it for the whole face, use 2.5% and spread evenly.


4. Corticosteriod / Cortisone Injection: This procedure is usually done by a dermatologist and is tolerable in terms of pain. The doctor will just inject the steroid into the acne lesion which relieves inflammation and can reduce a giant pimple into a small bump roughly 24 hours. These are also good treatment for hypertrophic (raised) scars and keloid scars.


3. Antibiotics: Usually reserved for infected acne, the doctor can also recommend taking antibiotics to kill out any infection cause by acne or even prevent bacteria from multiplying to control certain types of acne. Some antibiotic have anti-inflammatory effect as an added bonus. These are the usually prescribe antibiotic clindamycin, doxycycline, erythromycin, and tetracycline. Co-amoxiclav may also be prescribed in some cases.


2. Birth control pills / Oral contraceptive: These are strictly reserved for women. The varieties that are anti-androgen is most effective at reducing the production and size of sebaceous glands, which means less oil which in terms mean less chance of it getting trap to form acne lesions.


1. Isotretinoin/Accutane: This is a prescription oral drug. Be warned in taking it while pregnant as this drug is known to cause birth defects. Male fertility on the other hand isn’t affect by it so kudos to that. It may also cause rashes, dry skin, chapped lips and depression. Personally, chapped dry lips were most troublesome as it tends to bleed when dry. The beneficial effects of this drug are significant reduction of oil/sebum production, increases cell shedding, unclog pores, reduces inflammation. In short, it kills acne deep down to the core.


So don’t fret and keep on fight the battle against acne and never ever surrender. Coupled with a healthy balance diet and exercise, you’ll eventually get the upper hand and will be on your way into a CLEARER path or should I say face the you rightfully deserve.