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Abby Binay Campaigns for Unity and Hints on Digong-Marcos Admin Change Perhaps?

Abby Binay

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Right after her landslide victory as mayor of Makati, Abby Binay urges Filipinos to support the president for unity. Election time is over and people should embrace the changes imposed by the new leader. Opposition on certain issues does not signify anti-administration sentiments – but if all major issues are contradicted like what Vice President Leni Robredo is doing then it’s another story.

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[VIDEO]: Makati Mayor Abigail Binay says everything is “back to normal” after the elections as she urges the new president to unite a “divided” nation.

Unknown Change

Mayor Binay warns the people to be ready for the unknown change that the president brings to make the country better than it was during the last administration. The president is just enough to evaluate his own action if it does not work. Since it is observed that the Binay family supports Bongbong Marcos for Vice President, does this forewarns Filipinos to trust the president on that as well?

Abby Binay: Unity Despite Difference of Opinions

Abby Binay says that the president inherited a divided nation. The President needs to unify all the factions because he ends up as minority President. He must unite the factions despite different opinions on major issues. It is remembered that her father, Jejomar Binay is pro-Bongbong Marcos. In fact, Abby Binay is supported by the INC, the same as Marcos. However, Binay is anti-death penalty but not anti-administration unlike the behavior exhibited by the current Vice President.

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The Father’s Views

Jejomar Binay attributes the problem of drugs in the country to poor leadership and law enforcement during the past administration. He laments that only a few of the cases against drug lords are resolved due to weak enforcement of the law. Binay supports Digong’s Oplan Tokhang campaign but appreciates the President’s stopping it after learning that it is used by police scalawags in their crimes against humanity.


Big Change

Mayor Abby Binay hints for changes in the new administration. She says that they are still unknown but if we remain unified with the president, things can go well as a country. Does this mean that the Digong-Marcos administration is coming? Binay actually never confirmed that but actions speak louder than words!

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