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Abella On Duterte and Bongbong Marcos Connivance: Act Of Bravery After Waiting For 27 Years

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Ernesto Abella reiterrated that the President Rodrigo Duterte’s consenting to Bongbong Marcos’ request in behalf of the Marcoses is an “act of  bravery” on the part of Mr. Duterte.  Allowing Marcos’ to be interred as a hero  considering his awareness that it would trigger a firestorm among oppositionists.

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[VIDEO]:Duterte in PERU APEC Summit Presidential Spokesperson Press Conference

Bongbong Marcos’ Speech

In Bongbong Marcos’ eulogy during the funeral of his father, former President Ferdinand E. Marcos, he cited that the family is grateful for Duterte’s sticking into the laws and agreeing to bury the late strongman in the “Libingan ng nga Bayani” or Heroes cemetery. They have waited 27 years to secure the Supreme Court’s approval. Any motions for considerations that may follow after that will be dealt with accordingly.

Duterte is in Peru

To minimize the tension, it is speculated that the sudden burial was undertaken when the President is attending a summit in Lima, Peru. His spokesman, Ernesto Abella confirms that Duterte allowed it as catered for by the Philippine National Police.

Not Sneaky but Brave

No other president can take such rish than Duterte. He does not have to be sneaky because all approvals to the laws are granted. It was all up to him to give the go signal which he did. He has shown to the Liberal Party that he will fight with them head-on if they do not follow the mandate of the land.

Family Affair

Critics are disgusted because they were not informed of the exact date and time of the burial. Do they have the right to know when it’s a family affair? Their going against it only shows how bad-hearted they are to even think of digging Marcos’ grave and toss it out from the Heroes’ Cemetery. Marcos supporters are just watching – the moment they do that, it will be total chaos!


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