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The advantage of prolonging China US Cold War due to Economic Competition


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It was evident that countries are just wasting human and physical resources during world war 1 and 2. So conducting cold war commercially and economically is justifiable – to at least delay the anticipated massive losses if it cannot be helped from breaking out.

Competition is a recurring happening throughout the history of mankind because human beings are notorious for taking care of self interests much more the welfare of the world in general. Despite doctrine-related educational efforts of religious groups, people still lack tolerance and compassion. it’s all about “survival of the fittest” kind of mentality that excel ever since ancient times. As the cold war between these two superpowers intensifies, there is still a big threat that World War 3 will happen – but not regretting the existence of policies, treaties and world bodies that prolonged the cold war so as not to experience devastation for the time being.

The turmoil in the upcoming U.S. election is not helping with China’s aggressive display of displacing the United States’d rank as the global leader. Asset acquisition and colonization strategies are implemented by the Chinese in places like Canada, across Africa and throughout South America. Whereas the U.S. is struggling to remain vital on the global geopolitical stage despite the deteriorating economy. Exports of manufacturing economy to China was considered as the the major error that made China economically powerful to compete with the U.S.


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