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Is there Affordable healthcare act in the Philippines?: Sick and Broke, where will you go?

affordable healthcare act

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Is there such thing as affordable healthcare act in the Philippines? People from the first world counties will be surprised getting a bill for basic medical services in private hospitals here when they thought ist’s free. Well, here’s what you can get for free in the country in lieu of high tax rates.

[VIDEO]: If you ever complain about your healthcare, watch these images of the Filipinos’ patience in tolerating below the standard medical services and facilities.

Services in Public Hospitals

Trainee doctors can really get the skills they need to advance their career when assigned in public hospitals. Here they can learn dealing with different problems all at once. Operating, reviving and fixing major cases without proper equipment can make them very resourceful. Know why by just having a short glimpse, if you happen to scroll pass the video above.

Lining up Whole Day for Public Medical Services

When going to avaik of public services and hospitals, it’s a common sight to see a long line of patrons. It helps to arrive early to be tended to first. It’s on a first come, first serve basis. Emergency cases of course are in an assigned venue but the same concept follows. If a private care is not within budget, then this is quite a sacrifice to go through. Not unless you are a Makati resident and a yellow card holder.

Often Crowded Facilities

The sacrifice will not end upon getting your turn. It’s just the start of another ordeal. Since most public hospitals are forced to accept more than their capacity, do not expect a comfortable space assignment. Most Filipinos who cannot afford better medical services will just have to squeeze in.

Healthcare Promises are not Popular during Elections

It is not certain whether most Filipinos do not understand their basic needs or just not aware what they are entitled to for the taxes they pay. It’s been observed that they are more irked when it comes to corruption allegations than the accomplishments of a candidate in the areas of public services. It’s really true that they deserve the government that they voted for. The only confusing thing is, many people whine about deteriorating public  infrastructures and services but they are not seem to be the basis for choosing a leader. It’s the popularity and the trend during the campaign period that are observed to have the greatest impact on the winners. Affordable healthcare act in the Philippines for locals? Non existent. Just avail them at your own risk – that if you don’t live legally in Makati.


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