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AFP on Marcos Burial: Hontiveros Should Know “The Obey First Before You Complain” Protocol And Does She Really Believe the Marcoses cannot Afford it?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

How could the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) commit violations allowing the private burial of the late Philippine Dictator Ferdinand Marcos on Friday, November 18 at the Libingan ng mga Bayani when they just followed their military protocol: “Obey first before you Complain”. Neophyte senator Risa Hontiveros insisting on the violation proves to show her “innocence” if not the lack of common sense. Does she really think the Marcoses cannot pay that much of a small ceremony for their beloved family icon?

Youtube video by; KyleIsAwesome

[VIDEO]: The military said they received a very short notice to prepare for the burial of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos, who was buried in secret rites at the Libingan ng mga Bayani on Friday noon.

Lacson’s Courtesy to Hontiveros

Senator Panfilo Lacson, who sponsored the DND budget to the plenary, was humble enough not to humiliate Hontiveros on raising her two questions. First, if AFP can be responsible for the event and if public funds are used. He just wished her good luck on the points raised no matter how dumb they were.

Somebody Should Tell this Woman that Despite the Motion for Consideration it’s the Marcoses’ Prerogative to Bury their Dead

Hotiveros raised the military’s alleged lapse on what she believes as the judicial process. Hontiveros said the November 8 Supreme Court ruling that upheld the decision of President Rodrigo Duterte to bury Marcos at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani could not have been legally implemented on November 18. Based on Rule 52 of the Rules of Court regarding motions for reconsideration, losing petitioners are allowed a period of 15 days to file a motion for reconsideration. Perhaps Hontiveros should research that it’s also not illegal to not wait for the motion of consideration. It’s the winning party’s prerogative.

Presidential Decree

The principle of judicial courtesy remains to be the ideal proceeding but it is not prohibited to do otherwise. The point raised by Albay Representative Edcel Lagman before the Supreme Court when he filed an urgent motion on Monday, November 21, to order the exhumation of Marcos’ remains at the LNMB is another dumb act. They should read about the presidential decree of the late president Elpidio Quirino.

Lacson May Not Know but If He Knew He’s Being Sarcastic and they Don’t Even Recognize it – same as Most Commercial Media

Lacson was quoted as saying “My distinguished colleague very well knows that I’m not a lawyer. I believe, as a layman, that the points you raised are very good arguments to win a Supreme Court case. I wish you good luck.”

SC spokesperson Theodore Te already stated that the SC ruling in effect lifted the status quo order that had stopped the government and the Marcoses from burying the former president. “Even if there is a 15-day period, there was no order restraining the act (burial),” Te had cleared that issue but they bever listened that made them looked like fools. Bongbong Marcos should have a big laugh on this Hontiveros-Lagman resistance!

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