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Alarming: 9 Policemen tested positive for illegal drugs

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Nine police officers have tested positive for illegal drug use following a surprise drug test conducted Friday.
Philippine National Police Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa. They were from PNP regional offices but no names were released pending confirmatory test verifying the presence of shabu and marijuana in their urine samples.They will face administrative and criminal cases if they fail to pass the second test.

It will take two or three days for the results to be done but the PNP Chief is already alarmed because he will never tolerate such finding. He said;”I have zero tolerance on drugs and to get 9 positive results from the PNP itself is very alarming.

Dela Rosa himself underwent the drug test on Friday alongside 2,405 PNP personnel from the national headquarters, regional offices and police districts, including 75 high-ranking officials.The test yielded negative results for 2,396 urine samples.Dela Rosa ordered the surprise drug test just hours after he officially became the country’s top police official and announced a thorough revamp of the PNP; reported ABS CBN.


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