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ALDUB Testified against Robredo’s Accusation that Bongbong Marcos Forged Election Witnesses List



Elena Grace Flores

Alyansang Du30-Bongbong or ALDUB members stand as witnesses to various incidents of election fraud in Basilan, Lamitan. The main ones are Victor Abillo and Abdurasad Teodoro, provincial coordinator of Aldub in Basilan. They said that many voters were prevented by armed men from voting. No actual votings were held in various areas. Robredo’s lawyers Romulo Macalintal and Maria Bernadette Sardillo recently complained to the PET that some of Marcos’ witnesses are not legitimate voters during the May 2016 National and Local Elections.

Video by; Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: GMA News announces that VP Leni Robredo accuses Bongbong Marcos of submitting 8,000 voters list as witnesses of the election fraud in 2016 but some of them are allegedly not registered.

Marcos’ Delayed Compliance

Both parties earlier agreed to name three witnesses per clustered precinct. Marcos allegedly complied only with the third order of the PET. He submitted 8,000 names. Robredo’s camp seems desperate enough to malign Marcos. They have to search for loopholes. That’s when they found out that some names in the list are not legitimate voters. It is not certain if it’s a requirement. However, as ALDUB explained, the affidavits are from actual witnesses of anomalies in action. The testimonies were collected regardless of the witnesses’ voting status.

Robredo’s Accusations

The camp of Vice President Leni Robredo is quick enough to accuse Bongbong Marcos of deceiving and lying to the PET. This is allegedly so after he submitted a list of witnesses from the provinces of Lanao del Sur, Maguindanao and Basilan without checking on their legitimacy to vote.

Actual Witnesses

The Alyansang Du30-Bongbong or ALDUB previously held a press conference to stand as witnesses to various incidents of electoral fraud in Basilan, Lamitan. The Anabel’s Forum in Quezon City was the venue. Victor Abillo and Abdurasad Teodoro, provincial coordinator of Aldub in Basilan, disclosed the election irregularities that happened. They questioned why it’s only the Du30-Marcos tandem that got zero results when the election did not happen. Most sworn affidavits are from this group for the area.

Marcos’ Likely Take

The witnesses of the dirtiest election ever held in the country are real volunteers regardless of their voting status. Marcos’ response to Robredo’s accusation is not known yet. However, as common sense dictates, it can happen that when a family witnessed such fraud, all its members who are of legal age can manifest an affidavit narrating their experience whether or not they are voters for that particular precinct.

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