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How AMLC is Used for Political Harassment against Binay, Marcos, Arroyo


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Former Vice President Jojo Binay is the subject of massive criticisms during the previous national election – because he is the first one to announce is presidential bid. In fact, many brainwashed Filipinos today still believe that he is corrupt. But Binay is redeemed from his tough ordeal when Duterte becomes President.

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[VIDEO]: Sa kabila ng mga naglalakihang paratang laban sa kanya at sa pamilya niya, nanindigan ito na malinis ang kanyang pangalan.

Duterte Whack AMLC for Engaging in Politics

President Duterte is furious over AMLC’s moving like a turtle when the Department of Justice asks for the financial records of Duterte critic, Senator Leila de Lima. They are very fast when it comes to harassing Binay despite violating the privacy of Binay’s law firm,  SPCMB. Duterte is currently calling for the resignation of all corrupt AMLC officials.

AMLC’s Information against Binay are Indismissible

Since SPCMB right to due process and privacy was violated, the Court said that any information gathered in AMLC’s inquiry are rendered inadmissible. This is the reason why no such evidence can stand in court on corruption allegations against Binay. They are purely for political harassment to discredit him and his family who are the masses’ favorite political family.

Marcos’ Wealth

AMLC also takes part in the alleged return of the speculated ill-gotten wealth of the Marcoses. They are instrumental is sequestering the jewelry collection, Swiss Bank deposits and gold reserves in connivance with the BSP or Central Bank of the Philippines – in favor of the Aquino administration.

Former PGMA’s Plight

Now that the Liberal Party’s political reign is over, former President and Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is immediately released from hospital arrest. Despite not having a verdict to her case, she is imprisoned for more than four long years. She presses that AMLC generates false documentations against her. It is not surprising that Binay, Marcos and Arroyo are now speaking against AMLC because they are all victims of the agency during Aquino’s time.

AMLC loses bid for protection order for Binay bank account

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