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Japan is Subjected to China’s War Wage in the East China Sea


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
China’s international prestige was blown away by the July 12 international ruling but the Chinese still insisted that the South China Sea is their patrimony and that no country or international body has a right to interfere with their domestic affairs. Therefore, they are free to go fishing and drilling Vietnam and the Philippine’s territories or economic zones and even prohibiting the rightful owners to do the same. The tribunal thereby issued a strong rebuke of China’s wrong doings and has been in discussion with super powers including the United States, Australia and Japan that has the same problem with China in the East.

China’s aggressive military actions ultimately puts it on a collision course with Japan, the United States or other bigger entities. The result of the secret conclave in Beidaihe has yet to be disclosed as what to do with China. However, China seems determined to make it even with those countries responsible for its legal embarrassment and loss of face in the ASEAN. Japan is now likely a candidate despite an East China Sea or ECS power. Japan ultimately warned China’s ambassador twice already that relations between the two countries were “deteriorating markedly” over their disregarding the ruling from the Hague which the Chinese did not take lightly.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi dismissed Japan’s trilateral statement and said that it was not constructive and in fact “fanning the flames.” Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang also charged that the United States, Australia and Japan have allegedly been adopting double standards towards international law which they only adopt when it “fits their needs.”


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