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Analytics and Media Practitioner Lea Pica of the Present Beyond Measure Show

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
InnovaBuzz podcast episode guest Lea Pica, digital analytics practitioner, social media marketer, blogger and host of the “Present Beyond Measure” podcast shares the characteristics of a great presentation, the importance of understanding your audience and their objectives, of adequate preparation and making time for important things. This is a fabulous interview with a lot of great advice, listen to the podcast courtesy of Innovabiz:

YOU are your presentation. Whatever tools you use to support your presentation should do just that – support it. Not detract from it, or act as a script. Focus on your presentation – the best presentations are where speakers are charismatic and engaging, whether they have visuals or not. Analysts can add great value to clients by clarifying what their objectives are up front, clarifying outcomes, then finding out how the data can serve those outcomes.
The best way to add value to your audience is to listen to what they need and are looking for! Preparation is key for all presentations. Practice one more time than you have already practiced! It is like a tiny shackle coming off every time you document one of your processes.

Find resources or courses that directly support your most important and most viable business goal. Choose the thing that is going to support the one thing that will move your business forward at that time.


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