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Anti-Du30-Bongbong Marcos Stalwarts are Alarmed by Federal Constitution Switch


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Elena Grace Flores

A federal constitution sets up a country’s system of federalism. Whereas Federalism is a political process in which the national government and the local governments (states or provinces) each have own jurisdictions as mandated by the constitution. Bongbong Marcos explains it prior to the current update. Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III recently discloses that such switch can extend the President’s term. This immediately alerts the so-called yellow stalwarts who are against the Du30-Marcos alliance.

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Fears on Constitution Change

Senator Pimentel floats the idea that the 6-year term of President Rodrigo Du30 may be extended “if necessary” during the shift to federalism. The opposition’s media immediately made this as the highlight of their news. Pimentel also slams speculations of a no-election scenario in 2019. This is when the federalism transition gets a nod this year.

No Extension Plan

The government spokesperson, Atty. Harry Roque clarifies to the public that the President has no plans to extend his term. In fact, he wants it to be shorter. However, past rumor resurfaces that Du30 wants Marcos to be Prime Minister. That can materialize the Du30-Marcos tandem even before the VP recount results.

A Good System

Bongbong Marcos thinks that federalism is a good system. When a local government has problems, it can’t collapse immediately. Besides, when it comes to the budget, it’s the leaders in each locality who know about their constituents’ needs best. On the no-lection issue, Senator Pimentel said: “What is important are the transitory provisions which will govern the terms and duties of those elected in the last election under the 1987 Constitution. We can shift to federalism and allow all scheduled elections under the existing constitution to go on and be held.”

Big Change

It is a common occurrence that the administration enemies would propagate that the reason for the constitution change is to extend the president’s term. This was the case with former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo with charter change. The only unique thing now is a Marcos’ possible return to power. Although he agrees with the system, Marcos also said in a previous interview that it needs further studies to determine when the Philippines can be ready for the big change.

Bongbong Marcos’ Premiership via Federalism Discouraged by Enemies

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