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Anti – Marcos NDF Had their Chance with Peace Talks but Continues Terrorism Acts Triggers All-Out War!


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The president used to be a student of Jose Maria Sison during his stint as U.P. Professor. Sison is the founder of NDF or the National Democratic Front of the communist party. Digong would have wanted to come to terms with the rebels for but their continued terrorist acts against the military while under the ceasefire are proofs that they are not for peace. Their impossible demands only show that they want to lead the country, disregarding the administration the majority of the people voted for.

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Jose Maria Sison is in America’s Terrorist List

Jose Maria Sison is not only on America’s terrorist list but also in Europe. He managed to take his name out from the European list using his influences. The president even plans to appeal to the U.S. to also drop him from their list – but the big change happens contrary to what Digong aimed for.He had enough of the rebels’ superior attitude and dropped the ceasefire and peace talks with them one after the other. There will be no peace with these terrorist groups, at least in this generation, declares the president.

Now the President Knows why NDF is Anti – Marcos

The president is wise enough to know why the NDF together with the MILF, MNLF, and CPP-NPA are anti – Marcos. Marcos is for the good of Filipino humanity as per his last will and testament while these rebel groups are doing everything they can to support the Malaysians for their Sabah intention.

Sison’s Good Life in Asylum

If Marcos is a tyrant ruler, Joma Sison won’t enjoy a good life in Asylum. He gives credit to Ninoy Aquino who brings together the communist party as ideology together with their enforcement arm, the NPA. Ninoy is the mastermind of the union of all Reds; the MILF, MNLF, CPP-NPA and the NDF. Cory Aquino released the leaders of these groups from prison after succeeding Marcos. The son, Noynoy Aquino pushed the Bangsamoro law that would separate ARMM from Mindanao as a nation-state but Bongbong Marcos blocked that.

Bongbong Marcos Carries out Father’s Quest

At the moment, Bongbong Marcos has no official title in the government but people know that his alliance with the president is manifested in the leader’s decisions. Most Filipinos are looking forward to his taking over the Vice Presidency but the electoral protest against Leni Robredo seems to take a very long time. It is, however, a sure guess that he will be installed as a cabinet member after the one-year ban for defeated candidates in May. It’s just a matter of – which position.

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