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Aquino Administration Trashed Philippine Map with Sabah

Hilario Andes By: Hilario Andes
Old MAPS about NORTH Borneo Sabah. . . . . That the noynoy regime disowned and betrayed (and continued by the wife and son’s administrations). There is even an older map of British origin. . . copied from an old British University. . .. . And other documents even before the SULTANATE OF SULU contracted leasehold with the BRITISH EAST INDIA COMPANY of Mr. Dent UP TO NOW, Malaysia has assumed the rental obligation to the KIRAM FAMILY to whom the great grandparents of SULTAN BOLKIAH OF THE KINGDOM OF BRUNEI DARUSSALAM bequeathed North Borneo as a gift for aiding the Brunei kingdom in repulsing its enemies in the early 1400s. The MALAYSIAN PEOPLE AND GOVERNMENT AND THE SABAHANS thousands of whom hailed from the SULU ARCHIPELAGO (BANGSA SUG) know by heart that SABAH never belonged to MALAYSIAN TERRITORIES. . . . . with all due respect to PREMIER NAJIV AND HIS GOVERNMENT.



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