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Aquino: So Afraid of a Marcos Vice Presidency

welcome By: Hilario Andes
From: BINAYBrigade
Why are the aquinos so afraid of a BongBong Vice Presidency as they too are afraid of a BINAY Presidency? Are they afraid that History will be re-written? That practically half of what the aquinos say about the Marcoses are untrue? That from 1986 up to now, it was all revenge after all due to ninoy’s martial law incarceration.

What did cory said that former Senator Kit Tatad condemned up to high heavens? Ang sinabi ni cory ay, ” Kailangan maghirap ang mga Pilipino upang sisihin ang mga Marcos? What did ninoy and cory aquino do to weaken our sabah claim? And countless other acts of treason. Yes Malacanang orchestrated the massive cheating ever known in Philippine electoral history and they had – or just had – temporary victory over the Marcoses. Malacanang even became a polling and transmission center with their own BEIs.

But 2022 – assuming allegations of massive cheating are not proven in our competent courts for the Anak ng Norte to asssume the reins of the Vice Presidency – will be a time made by destiny for BongBong Marcos. The people will surely sympathize with him so too the incoming administration of President To Be Digong.

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