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Asia Times’ Good Journalism on Sabah Claim under Duterte

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Asia Times’ resourcefulness in getting news-worthy details about the Sabah claim is much appreciated. Given that local media do not seem to have that kind of attitude in terms of paying attention to details or the discretion what to include in the news.

Like for instance, it says in the article that (before any local media can hold on tho this detail); Duterte plans to appoint international law expert Perfecto Yasay as the secretary of the department of foreign affairs. Analysts see this as a strategic move to claim Sabah because of Yasay ‘s strong background in foreign policy and international law. He was among the first few cabinet members who Duterte named soon after the presidential election results started coming.

It even commented on the obvious truth: While the Sultanate of Sulu insists on ownership of Sabah, the Malaysia government is not going to let the land go since it has huge contributions to their national economic production.

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