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Asian Born US Ambassador is the Bridge of Solid America-Philippines Ties

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella said that US Ambassador to the Philippines Sung Kim affirms the long-standing ties between Manila and Washington. Strains in the long-standing relationship emerge when Duterte assumed power last year. President Duterte is very vocal in his criticisms of President Barack Obama, and US ambassador to the Philippines Philip Goldberg.

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[VIDEO]: President Duterte Matapang Na pinanindigan ang bagsik ng kampanya kontra-droga sa harap ni US Ambassador Sung Kim!

Drug War Extremity

US Ambassador Sung Kim is present when President Duterte discloses more public officers in his drug list. This is consist of Mayors, most of the Barangay Captains and some senators. He shows her disgust of one senator who is awarded in Washington DC for standing up against his war on the drug who is allegedly on the drug list as well.

Kim’s Assurance

Duterte and Kim in a separate meeting discuss military and law enforcement cooperation, particularly in the fight against terrorism. This includes the extent of US assistance to Mindanao. Ambassador Sung Kim assures that the US continues to provide support, including intelligence exchange and in maritime security.

Asian Diplomacy

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Kim previously serves as the special representative for North Korea policy and deputy assistant secretary in the Bureau of East Asia and Pacific Affairs at the US State Department. He congratulates the president on the ASEAN chairmanship. Only Asians can understand Asian diplomacy when neutralizing an irritated ally. So, Kim’s Asian background and looks already soften the tough-talking Philippine President. This allows them to have a productive meeting. Philippine-Asian relations, particularly with the socialist countries has been fostered by the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos that Duterte looks up to. Thereby the reason for his support to his son, Bongbong Marcos.

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Duterte-Trump Hope

Former President Barack Obama, and then US ambassador to the Philippines Philip Goldberg may have tough times with Duterte – but the relationship between the Philippines and the US is expected to tighten up when President-elect Donald Trump assumes on January 20. Duterte already invited Trump to visit Manila this year after confirming on a telephone conversation that they admire each other’s mouth.

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