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Assassination of Character: Binay’s Makati Building 2 Case


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Character assassination is the act of saying false things about a person. This is usually done in order to make the public stop liking or trusting that person. Such assassination was very clear in the Makati Building 2 hearings. Junjun Binay was ousted from being Mayor of Makati because of such libelous accusations.

[VIDEO]: Watch the summary of the painful proceedings of former Makati Mayor Junjun Binay’s disqualification due to alleged corruption cases designed to ruin the Binay name – to stop Jejomar Binay to become President

Character Assassination: Binay’s Makati Building 2 Case

Lies, deceits, and hearsays are the daily topics at the senate when the case of then Makati Mayor Junjun Binay was heard. People witnesses the insults that the Blue Ribbon senators are throwing at the witnesses. In front of the public, the senate shows how government agencies are used against a political rival.  It ended tight after the election. In the end, tax money wasted and destroyed Jejomar Binay’s chances of becoming the President of the Philippines.

Junjun Binay was suspended as Mayor to discredit Binay’s Honor

All throughout the ordeal when Junjun Binay was forced to vacate his office, the father, Jejomar Binay supported the son with compassion. It did not matter how the public would criticize their show of affection but many Filipinos wished to have a father like Jojo as the former Vice President is fondly called.

No Settlement for Trillanes’ Libel Case

To teach him a lesson, the father and son decided not to settle with Trillanes’ case as he was found guilty of libel. He is however not repenting since he’s doing it again to ruin President Rodrigo Duterte. He still occupies the stage of lies and bewilderment as he defends his political party that he is loyal to; the Liberal party.

Surely their political enemies are not just interested in damaging Jejomar Binay’s name but his whole clan.


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