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Attack on Marcos Loyal General Ver Happening Again with Bato: Oplan Tokhang turns to ‘Tokhang-for-Ransom’


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Tokhang for ransom is discrediting not only the Philippine National Police but also the tourism industry in the country. The alleged kidnappers in uniform and the Korean targets are enough to taint the PNP chief’s credibility and discourage tourists from visiting the Philippines.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO] Korean businessman na biktima ng diumano’y tokhang for ransom, sa Camp Crame raw mismo pinatay

Bato in Gen. Fabian Ver’s Place

Bato swears allegiance to President Duterte, the same as General Fabian Ver to the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos. He is accused of killing Ninoy Aquino on behalf of Marcos. In spite of that, he remained loyal until the very end. His loyalty to Marcos and great deeds to his comrade, Ninoy was disclosed by his son.

The Truth about Ninoy Aquino under Marcos Custody

Ver discloses to his son, Jun that Aquino was given special treatment while in military detention – from special food to attending a birthday party outside the cell with an escort. When his health deteriorates, Ver pleaded his case to President Marcos while Ninoy was at the Heart Center saying; “Mr President, if anything happens to Ninoy in our jail the people will blame us, if he dies on our watch, the people will point the finger at us.” Marcos agreed, and he and former First Lady Imelda Marcos raced against time sending Ninoy to the United States.

Bato Wishes to Melt in Shame

Bato is so ashamed with Oplan Tokhang turning into Tokhang for ransom. The fact that it is his own people who kidnapped and killed a Korean golfer near his office is bad enough for his reputation. He asks President Duterte if he should resign but luckily, the president is very knowledgeable with this kind of strategy by the enemies of the state since Marcos time. Therefore, Bato stays with the president’s drug war that is getting hotter than ever.

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Killing their Own to Blame the Government

This revelation of General Ver through his son Jun is very consistent with the theory that the killer of Ninoy Aquino is the kin of his wife, the late president Cory Aquino. This is probably the reason why she and her son former president Noynoy Aquino did not bother to reinvestigate Ninoy Aquino’s assassination. Bato’s next step now is to segregate his men from the rebels within his own forces.

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