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Atty. Bruce Rivera Clarifies that the Oust VP Rally also Favors Bongbong Marcos’ Recount Quest

Bruce Rivera

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Atty. Bruce Rivera explains that the Oust VP Rally aims to open the lines of communication to reach out other pro-administration on different issues like the recount, revolutionary government, and Federalism. The rally is more on geared to educate the public on how those issues go about. He also assures the public that the crowd has more than 4,000 attendees and clarifies that they are not against Bongbong Marcos. They are into constitutional approaches. It just happens that impeachment can be faster. By all means, they are also supportive of the recount as it is allowed to follow through.

Youtube video by; News5Everywhere
[VIDEO]: Giniit ni Atty. Bruce Rivera, isa sa organizers ng event, na mas marami pa sa 4,000 ang dumalo sa kanilang protesta sa Luneta.


Atty. Rivera admits that there are Bongbong Marcos supporters who question their impeachment call to try to take the VP seat away to the real winner. He clarifies that they also want recount if that can be faster than impeachment. They have not declared any choice for the VP replacement. Not even Senator Allan Cayetano whom the DDS Group supported.

Revolutionary Government or Federalism

There was a little confusion on the revolutionary government over Federalism. Some people are confused about the two. Are they the same or different systems? Federalism is a type of government in which power is divided between a central national government and local governments, thereby enhancing the autonomy of local government units. Certain areas like national defense, currency, and foreign affairs, are under the control of the national government. Some areas are under the control of local governments. The president once called for the establishment of a revolutionary government to pave the way for a federal system.

Not Against Bongbong Marcos

Atty. Rivera firmly said that the DDS are not against Bongbong Marcos for the VP post. Despite their support toSenator Alan Peter Cayetano during the 2016 elections, they are aware that Marcos’ electoral protest against Robredo is still ongoing. They just hope that the Supreme Court moves faster on that so that there will be no need anymore to process the impeachment complaints against her.

Open for Unity

According to Atty. Rivera, they are open to other pro-administration supporters who call for the recount in favor of the former Senator Marcos. The president is supportive of the Marcoses and Du30’s supporters are respectful of that matter. Some of them, in fact, voted for Marcos. If the recount can oust Robredo who is allegedly maligning the government, then it is well and good. The DDS or administration’s enemy here is Robredo and not Marcos.

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