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Australia: Under Threat of China’s Ruining Bilateral Agreement

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Foreign Minister Julie Bishop shocked China’s Foreign Minister whe she called on China’s abiding the UN ruling. Australia also vowed to continue freedom of navigation exercises despite China’s rejection on the verdict that favored Philippines. China referred to the arbitration court ruling as illegal and thereby should nor be called as international law.

It was stongly indicated that Australia’s continued flights and patrols over the South China Sea would certainly threaten bilateral relations. The Chinese thought that the Australians have nothing to do with their territorial dispute with the Filipinos.

China clarified that it will be against any entity that will provoke their security interests – especially along their illegally established defense zones over South China Sea that they refused to let go after the ruling, or else it will be challenging Beijing directly – ruining any existing friendship they have with Australia or any other countries.


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