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Australia on Untrammeled Militarism as US Ally vs China – all for Freedom of Navigation

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
July 2 marks Australia’s pursuing an agenda of untrammeled militarism, in alliance with the United States, to enhance their war capability to counter a possibly catastrophic war versus China. In recent weeks, Labor’s foreign affairs spokesperson Tania Plibersek and defense spokesperson Stephen Conroy have been talking about this military preparation as quoted by the international press.

Conroy had been calling the national coalition to join in the “freedom of navigation” operations in the disputed South China Sea areas by the US military and its allies. He was quoted as saying: “We believe our Defense Force should be authorized to conduct ‘freedom of navigation’ operations consistent with international law. I would give the armed forces the authority to conduct one if they believed it was necessary and safe.”

The country became sensitive on sovereignty issues when in 2014, four Russian warships conducted operations in the South Pacific. Despite being in international waters, hundreds of kilometres from the Australian coast, it provoked the Australian military to dispatch aircraft and warships to monitor their activities as triggered by the noises made by the media.


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