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Australia warns: China’s war with US is real – need clear ground rules soon

China war with US

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Australia’s long-term economic and strategic interests must be protected by setting ground rules as soon as possible because China war with US is real – and it is against the country’s national security to just treat what’s happening as a cold war with China – considering Australia’s alliance with the US.

Gareth Evans, former foreign affairs minister has warned the government that their cold war approach with China is too risky.
The comment has something to do with treasurer, Scott Morrison’s decision of blocking the sale of Ausgrid to privately owned Chinese companies particularly Cheung Kong Infrastructure, which is owned by billionaire Li Ka-shing.

The treasurer basically acted based on his discretion because there were no guidelines set on how to handle such matters yet. Evans said pertaining to his government experience; “whenever the spooks were united about anything, that was the time to look very, very closely at the evidence”.

He there should be clarity and consistency in the government’s dealing with China in the trading sector – to make sure that Australia’s technology will not be used by the Chinese against them in the future. Actions should not be based only in suspicions because preparations for China war with US are ongoing at this very moment.

The danger lies in the perception that; “America believes it can remain the primary power in Asia without conflict with China because it believes the Chinese will back off” – whereas China has the same mindset: conflict would eventually be avoided because the US would back off. “The risk for us is that both may be wrong;” said Hugh White, professor of strategic studies at the Australian National University


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