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Answer Enrile & Know Why Bongbong Marcos’ Leadership is Best for the Country


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Elena Grace Flores


Former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile said that the trouble with the country starts with influencers’ sense of entitlement. They use the word “people” to make the public believe that their idea is the Filipinos’ will. No one can tell Enrile that he revises the martial law history in favor of Bongbong Marcos’ upcoming leadership. Enrile is not only present during martial law. He’s also its orchestrator. No government detractors would want to answer his questions. They would find themselves corrected as the election protest against Vice President Leni Robredo leans towards Marcos’ favor.

Youtube Video by Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile cites the achievements of the late Ferdinand Marcos for the country during martial law.

Revisionism by the Oligarchs

The late President Ferdinand Marcos’ image went down to the drain because of the black media propaganda against him by his political enemies. They carry this out through their network of oligarchs owning major businesses including media platforms.

Enrile’s Questions about the Late President Marcos

Enrile advises people who have doubts about Marcos because of the negativity around to answer his basic questions: 1. Who introduces democratic education to all Filipinos? 2. Who initiates the irrigation project for farmers? 3. Who brings rural electrification all throughout the country? 4. Who starts the nuclear power plant for cheaper energy sources? In his 51 years of political career, Enrile sure has a lot more questions to as if someone from the opposition dares to have a debate with him.

Faking his Ambush?

It’s true that the former Senator denied that he was ambushed. The media wants to project that he faked his own ambush. The truth is, no need to create stories that could have trigger the martial law declaration at that time. It is so because when the alleged incident happened, martial law is already in effect. That’s the simple truth as per Enrile.

Bongbong Marcos’ Leadership

As soon as Bongbong Marcos becomes Vice President, he is only a step away from the presidency. As a man of his word, it is likely that President Rodrigo Duterte would step down for him. In fact, he’s looking forward to doing that pretty soon. He has more worthwhile plans to do with his grandchildren when that happens. Enrile said that if that is the choice of the people as per the manual recount results, then be it.

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Gov. Imee Marcos is Thankful that PCGG’s Wealth Chase is Ending


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Elena Grace Flores


Everything is now coming together for the Marcoses. Aside from the changing Senate leadership from Senator Koko Pimentel to Tito Sotto, the approval of the House Bill 7376 is on its way.  This is the proposed “Office of the Solicitor General Charter” to abolish the PCGG that is already on its final reading. Gov. Imee Marcos welcomes the development because this could end the wealth chase against her family. It is already “long overdue,” she said. She claims that the agency is supposed to exist only for few years and not thirty years.

Youtube Video by PolitikoTV Channel
[VIDEO]: Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos favors abolition of Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG): Long overdue na yan!.

End of the Hidden Wealth Chase by the PCGG

Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos welcomes the House of Representatives’ approval of a bill that abolishes the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG). It is the agency tasked to recover the alleged hidden wealth of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. It turned out that the Senate still has to prioritize tracing the gold certificates that his widow pleaded long time ago to start its recovery for humanity. President Rodrigo Duterte already ordered the Congress to follow-up on this matter.

Two in One

The bill not only abolishes the PCGG that sequesters Marcos’ wealth. It also merges the Office of the Government Corporate Counsel with a stronger Office of the Solicitor General. Solgen Jose Calida is the one who filed the Quo Warranto petition of Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno of the Supreme Court. That ousted her after being voted out by the majority of her own justices. The same magistrates that made the burial of former President Marcos at the Heroes’ Cemetery possible.

One Year is Overdue

A counterpart bill from the Senate needs to be passed for the measure to be forwarded for bicameral consultations. A consolidated bill must then be finalized. Aquino’s law states that the PCGG should only last for a year. Why it lasted for more than 30 years is really a mystery, explained the lady governor. The question is, where is the wealth that PCGG allegedly recovered?

Defensive Opposition

Contrary to Marcos’ claims, there is no mention of the supposed one-year existence only of the PCGG in the executive order of the late president Corazon Aquino which created the agency, according to pro-LP media. Regardless of the debate, it cannot be denied that pro-Marcos lawmakers and appointees are taking their place. Sotto for one who is the upcoming Senate President revealed some 2016 election anomalies that benefit Vice President Leni Robredo.

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Election Analyst: Robredo’s Removal is Not through Quo Warranto


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Elena Grace Flores


The possibility to be the next target for ouster is not strange for Vice President Leni Robredo. Such scenario is always possible, according to her. However, she should know that it does not serve the purpose of his rival, Bongbong Marcos. The President wants Marcos to be next in line to the presidency. Removing her as such won’t install the latter to the post. He must win the election protest to be legible as Vice President as per the constitution.

Youtube Video by Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: VP Robredo’s fear that she will be next to be removed from office is real. However, it is not through Quo Warranto since the election protest of Bongbong Marcos is ongoing.

Election Protest is More Likely

Professor Ranjit Rye explains during an interview at Tutok Tulfo why the quo warranto must not be applied to Vice President Leni Robredo’s case. He said that since Bongbong Marcos’ protest is already ongoing, the said remedy is not anymore necessary. The series of anomalies found during the recount may not automatically make Bongbong Marcos Vice President. The Supreme Court has to make the declaration on the real winner.

Supreme Court CJ Sereno’s Ouster is Favorable to Marcos

The Supreme Court ousts Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno over her failure to meet the “integrity test” of her position despite earlier warnings. Voting 8-6 in a special en banc session declares void Sereno’s appointment as chief justice. Those who are in favor of the ouster are Associate Justices Noel Tijam, Teresita De Castro, Lucas Bersamin, Francis Jardeleza, Samuel Martires, Andres Reyes Jr. and Alexander Gesmundo. They also made the burial of the late President Ferdinand Marcos at the Heroes’ Cemetery. Needless to say, they are pro-Marcos. Therefore, Bongbong Marcos can be VP if the trend continues.

Conflict in the Senate

Senator Risa Hontiveros urges her colleagues to “cross party lines and unite to defend the integrity of the Senate. This is after the removal of Sereno.” Hontiveros said that the following senators give their support to the anti-quo warranto resolution: Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon, Francis Pangilinan, Antonio Trillanes IV, Leila de Lima, Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV, Francis Escudero, Sherwin Gatchalian, Joel Villanueva, Grace Poe, and Juan Edgardo “Sonny” Angara.

Balancing Act in the Supreme Court

Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio is the acting Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Marcos criticizes most of his resolutions that delay his election protest against Robredo. However, the President is yet to appoint Sereno’s replacement. The Filipino leader is strategic enough not to appoint a CJ who is against his plans.

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VP Election Recount Plea: Loyalists Hail Bongbong Marcos’ Dream while Detesting Robredo’s Shade Excuse


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Elena Grace Flores


The loyalists of Bongbong Marcos ask Vice President Leni Robredo’s supporters why they can’t simply follow the procedures on how to shade the egg-like circle in the ballots during the 2016 election. It is very strange that only her alleged voters are affected by the 50% ruling of the Supreme Court. The arguments go around social media as Marcos mesmerizes on his NASA experience. His dream to be an astronaut remains as this happens.

Youtube Video by Bongbong Marcos
[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos narrates his experience at NASA, Florida.

Why Only Robredo’s Supporters?

Supporters of Vice President Leni Robredo submit to the Supreme Court on a petition with 10,000 signatures in support of her plea to lower the threshold percentage in the manual recount of votes in the poll protest case lodged by former Senator Bongbong Marcos. The ruling is effective to both camps. However, it is only her supporters who seem to be guilty of the under shading. What is common to them? Marcos loyalists asked.

Election Recount Petition

The current threshold is at 50 percent. Robredo urges the high court that sits as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), to lower this to 25 percent. She argues that the current threshold “disenfranchises” voters.

Comelec Connivance?

The signatories to the letter-appeal are from Robredo’s home province of Camarines Sur. They reiterate her position that the 25 percent shading threshold was used by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) in the May 9, 2016, synchronized local and national elections. However, it’s the Supreme Court that has the power to decide for the final ruling.

Out of this World

One does not have to be an astronaut to figure out that Robredo’s plea is out of this world. She is simply guilty of election fraud. Worse, this is through digital means. That is why most of her votes are only up to 25%. The marking can never be as solid as the official pentel pen used during the election.

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US Media Must Learn Factual Reporting from CNN Philippines on Ousted Chief Justice


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Elena Grace Flores


Filipinos via social media criticise The New York Times article entitled “Philippines’ Top Judge Took On Duterte. Now, She’s Out.” It gives unfounded opinions in line with Liberalism’s black media propaganda against popular leaders like the country’s President Rodrigo Duterte and the late Ferdinand Marcos. The highest court votes out its chief justice recently. It removes a fierce critic of the President and his brutal war against drugs. However, the comment “which has left thousands dead” can give a wrong perception to the reading public.

Youtube Video by PRRD News
[VIDEO]: The Supreme Court voted to oust Maria Lourdes Sereno as Chief Justice, its spokesperson Ted Te said.

Democratic Ruling

Voting 8-6, the Supreme Court justices out Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. It approves a petition by Solicitor General Jose Calida that questions the validity of her appointment. The ground that clearly disqualifies her. Not filing the SALN that discloses her wealth is unconstitutional.


Sereno is a constant irritant along with other Liberal Party members like the questionable Vice President Leni Robredo. They publicize the alleged increasingly autocratic rule of Duterte even if they are the ones doing undemocratic actions. They question the validity of the President’s list of public officials who are drug suspects. The opposition also blocks his declaration of martial law in the southern Philippines. However, the majority of the people hail Duterte for drastically lowering the crime rate. The martial law also made Marawi very peaceful now.

Show of Force

Only hundreds gather on the streets to protest what they called a “blatant ploy” by Duterte to speculatively wrest power from the judiciary and figuratively undermine the independence of the courts. On the other hand, millions demonstrate their support to the Duterte administration especially to his chosen successor, Bongbong Marcos. In fact, the INC breaks the record of forming the longest human sentence recently. They are asking where their vote went for Marcos.

LP’s Dictatorship using the Media

The Liberal Party should know that when the rights of Filipinos are not respected, they know where to go – their government. In the digital era, the voice of the people cannot be claimed anymore by the power-hungry Liberals. They can express individually via social media. One can easily measure their intensity through Google Analytics. The New York Times is certainly biased if their only source is LP’s Senator Risa Hontiveros. Take it from CNN Philippines.

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