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Automated Business Process by Mandy Brasser from Streamline for Success

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
In this episode of Innovabiz’s the InnovaBuzz podcast, Mandy Brasser from Streamline for Success, talks about building effective systems that allows business processes to be to automated – thereby giving more free time to entrepreneurs to do what they do best and accelerate business growth. Do not miss this interview and be inspired by Mandy’s story. Check the audio here:

Streamline for Success work with small businesses to help automate their sales and marketing, thus allowing particularly the business owner to leverage their time so they can go out and serve more people. Being clear about your vision, values and goals helps you make critical decisions, such as entering into key strategic partnerships. Marketing and sales is key to ALL businesses. Even when businesses have got it automated there is still a large part that needs the personal attention. The biggest challenge of most small businesses, particularly service based businesses, is trading time for money. This makes it hard to scale. The ability to leverage time through automation and other means really becomes a critical component of scaling a business. Good processes are important for efficiency and also to enable measurement against targets – it is important, not to abandon common sense though, when working with processes.

It’s definitely about being open and exploring what’s possible and what’s going to fit in your business.


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