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Bam as Ninoy?: A Popular President cannot be Ousted through Impeachment or Coup d’etat


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It is quite obvious that the Liberal Party members try all their strategies against the late Ferdinand E. Marcos to oust the current president. From accusations of human rights violations over his drug war to alleged extra-judicial killings when he is mayor of Davao. Unfortunately for them, he cannot be impeached for an offense that happens during his past tenure. Local and international human rights cases cannot pin him down because the majority of the people are behind him. They can only try to discredit the president through media propaganda and hopes that after a decade or two, the people would turn against him.

Youtube video by; PTV
[VIDEO]: Pangulong Duterte, hindi nababahala sa umano’y “Destabilization Plot” laban sa kanyang administrasyon

Coup Plot is Not Possible

Ramon Casiple, executive director of the Institute for Political and Electoral Reform, explains that any plot to destabilize the administration would not fly at this time because the President has very high popularity rating. “If that is so, the government is shielded from a coup plot or even destabilization,” Casiple added.

Mass Resignation

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano reveals that the supposed recruitment of officials in government by anti-Duterte groups is a preparation for the planned “mass resignation.” That can be part of a bigger scheme to destabilize the administration. “We have monitored the political movement. These groups are talking to government officials not to vacate their respective posts yet. They urged them to join the planned mass resignation to create an impression that there’s a massive withdrawal of administration support” Cayetano did not disclose his sources.

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Bam Aquino can be Another Ninoy Aquino

Senator Paolo Benigno Aquino IV or Bam Aquino says that if the plan is really true, he would not be involved in it. The Liberal Party denies the rumor verbally all the time. But their actions say something else. Cayetano claims that drug syndicates hurt by the government’s anti-drug war are financing moves to oust the president. Like Ninoy Aquino, Bam Aquino can very well act like a saint and turns out to be the devil.

Bongbong Marcos – Du30 Tandem

The more the Liberal Party politicians compare PDu30 to the late Marcos, the more his son, Bongbong Marcos becomes more popular. In fact, it looks like there’s a threat that Vice President Leni Robredo can be disqualified together with other Liberal Party winners over election violations. The president might have to pick a replacement from congress. Nevertheless, the Bongbong Marcos-PDu30 tandem can only happen if he wins the electoral protest against Robredo – and it takes a lot of time at the rate it is going.

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