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How is Basic Human Rights Being Violated in the Philippines?

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
No need to be defensive when the country is being investigated by the United Nations on possible human rights violations. It is common in poor countries. A U.N. committee raises several concerns on the state of human rights in the Philippines over the Arroyo, Aquino and Duterte administrations during a periodic review of the country last September 28 to 29 in Geneva, Switzerland.

[VIDEO]: Judge for yourself how intensive the violations of human rights against Filipinos are – see footages.

Not just against the War on Drugs

The 18-member U.N. Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights probed the Philippine delegation on issues, such as poverty, education, labor, human trafficking, homelessness, and gender equality. Not just the war on drugs aftermath that resulted to unaccountable deaths with no foreseen justice.

Concern on War on Drugs

Rodrigo Uprimny, a UN delegate who is from Columbia was concerned about the government’s war on illegal drugs: “I think you are taking a wrong and very dangerous path.” “You have very tough penalties for the use of drugs and that makes it very difficult [for those] who use drugs to find treatment,” he added. Columbia also experienced the aftermath of the popular war on drugs and its injustices to the poor.

Police Brutality dring Demolition Jobs

The police forces are not just noted to have practiced the so-called “double kill” during arrests of drug criminals – but their brutality is also evident during demolition jobs. Illegal settlers may violate the rights of the rightful owners of lands they settled in for years. But inhuman treatments just cannot be tolerated. That’s what the international laws said.

Plight of the Poor Women and Children

Human trafficking, below standard way of life and abuses of women and children – are rampant. They must be protected by the government as a priority.  If the government is unreliable when it comes to these, the UN would surely step in. Especially when these matters are neglected because of such focus on the drug war. People must know that the Philippines is under investigation on human rights violations not just because of the possibility of extra-judicial killings – but also for the above-mentioned situations.

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