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Bato: It’s Shameful for Robredo to Spread Lies – Urges Media to Stop EJK-PNP Connections


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Philippine National Police Chief Ronald or Bato Dela Rosa replies to the media that it should be Leni Robredo who must disclose the source of her wrong drug war data and misinformation about the “swap heads” scheme that managed to attract the international community. She’s the second highest leader of the land and it is a shame for her or even disastrous to continue her lies.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: SONA: PNP Chief Dela Rosa, pinabulaanan ang palit-ulo scheme na sinasabi ni Robredo

No Extra-Judicial Killings

The 7,000 number of deaths mentioned by Robredo are not extra-judicial killings as she claimed. This is the number that is under investigation by the PNP. The police force under him will never tolerate such practice, Bato said. Although police abuses can happen, there is not one case of EJK that is confirmed yet.

Head-Swapping Scheme

He said the head-swapping scheme refers to policemen persuading arrested drug suspects to reveal their suppliers in exchange for the filing of less serious charges. In a video presented at a side event in a UN conference in Austria, Robredo claimed erring policemen were arresting relatives of drug suspects in poor communities if the suspects went into hiding.


Robredo’s Data are not from PNP

The PNP spokesperson, Senior Supt. Dionardo Carlos said that it would have been better if the Vice President had consulted the PNP first before showing the video to an international conference. The camp of Robredo replied that it had written the Department of the Interior and Local Government and the PNP about the inquiry in January but did not get any reply. She sent the video in February so it is obvious that she’s really not interested to get the official data.

Some Media Wants to Malign the PNP

It is shameful for Leni Robredo to spread lies as the second highest leader of the land, said Bato. She must correct her mistakes for her own good. He himself cannot bear that his men would do that Robredo accused them of. The media should also stop connecting EJK with the PNP because there can never be state-sponsored killings.

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