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Battle of Social Media vs Black Propaganda on Marcos and Du30


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Elena Grace Flores

The battle between logical social media practitioners and black propaganda campaigners is evident in the digital world. However, as per Google’s policy against fake news, all facts must be verifiable. With the massive supporters of the Marcoses and President Du30 who adhere to the rule, bias media can only squeal through their Liberal networks here and abroad. Loyalists retaliate online but there are too many of them. Thus burying all the lies against the two leaders.

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Truth on Marcos Wealth

The Tallanos paid commission to Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz and Ferdinand E. Marcos in gold, 30% From the principal of 640, 000 metric tons. In 1949 both were in the list of the richest men in the world. When Fr. Diaz died in 1974 all gold became the legendary Marcos hidden wealth. This was after he signed a Letter of Instruction to use them for humanity. They are under the jurisdiction of trustees and serve as gold reserves at the World Bank. This is the reason why despite Philippine’s economic status, it can still borrow funds for infrastructure and other projects for the welfare of the people.

People Sentiments Overcome Black Propaganda

Many journalists here and abroad would rather broadcast hearsays than the truth because they support their own interests and quite handy. In spite of this, Bongbong Marcos stresses that history cannot be changed. That should judge his father because the truth will always prevail. He can only be proud to be a Marcos for the opportunity to continue serving the people. His father’s love for his countrymen can never die even after he was gone. It remains in the hearts of law-abiding Filipinos.

Law-Abiding Citizens’ Good Life

Under the Marcos and now Du30’s administration, law-abiding citizens are enjoying the decreasing crime rate. Both leaders are effective in instilling discipline based on the culture of the country. It is just sad that the international community cannot understand how these two leaders battle corruption and crimes according to the passionate nature of Filipinos. You have to be tough or look like it to suppress wrong-doers.

Public Service at its Best

Coincidentally, the current President and Ferdinand E. Marcos’ son, Bongbong Marcos are in line with each other’s platform of governance. On BBL, the separation of state must be addressed in the government system and not as a physical division. Du30 strengthens the country’s trade relations with China just like what the Marcos patriarch did. The ties with America remain but not anymore exclusive. Regardless of the different political angle, the Du30-Marcos tandem in the government can drive this country to progress faster as the yellow culprits lose hold on the Vice Presidency.

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