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BBC Finds Out: Most Filipinos Anticipate Marcos’ Return

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The late Ferdinand Marcos had the opportunity to explain to the National Press Club in the U.S. about the real happenings in the Philippines during Martial Law before he died. However, after his demise, media propaganda against them on the alleged hidden wealth particularly former First Lady Imelda Marcos’ 3000 pairs of shoes and expensive jewelry items and art collections were highlighted. Now, that BBC has the chance to survey the pulse of the nation when it comes to the return of a Marcos in the government’s top position, they were surprised with the great anticipation of Filipinos.

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[VIDEO]: Are Filipinos ready for another Marcos?
As the Philippines prepares for its fifth election since the “People Power” revolution that overthrew dictator Ferdinand Marcos in 1986, Jonathan Head reports on the enduring popularity of the Marcos

The Media can say anything but they can’t fake people’s hunger

The U.S. backed Aquino administration noted for running after political enemies and putting to jail former presidents, did not succeed in covering up the people’s hardship with media propaganda. During the Benigno Simeon Aquino III’s time, the country has been publicized as the growing economy in Asia. Despite that, people cannot feel the progress. To the contrary, poverty has worsened to a higher level.

Marcos will lead the country again to progress

The older people interviewed were certain that Bongbong Marcos will lead the Philippines towards the same golden era days of his father. This was when crops and livestock were abundant. People in the provinces do not have to go to the cities to work. Farm life back then was a dream to many people with white collar jobs.

Imelda Marcos will always be a star

The former First Lady Imelda Marcos, mother of Bongbong Marcos remains a star at 86. The allegations and criticisms against her did not work in ruining her winning personality. This is a proof that no one can bring a good woman down. She’s still the mother of all Filipinos. Her countrymen will always be proud of her and grateful with what he contributed to the nation.

Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. or Bongbong Marcos

Everyone knows that Bongbong Marcos was leading the presidential race and can only be beaten through cheating. He has been predicted to become president again and would lead the country to be a top player in the world. At this very moment, the people are waiting for the decision of his electoral protest against the winning Vice President Leni Robredo. Many are confident that sooner or later he gets to serve the people in his real official capacity – the Vice President of the Philippines.

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