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BBC Journalist Stephen Sackur Uncovers Trillanes’ Anti Democracy Stunts


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Stephen Sackur’s professional journalism skills lead to the truth about Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.  Trillanes does not respect democracy at all. He does not even know Democrat stands for. His answers are clear manifestations that he does not respect democratic institutions and democratic exercises like elections. Sackur reminds Trillanes that Du30 won the election fair and square.

Youtube video from; NEWS FILIPINO

The End of the Bully

British media are noted to understand the situation rather than just report in full context any interview as what most local press people do. Sackur is knowledgeable even about Trillanes’ failed coup attempts. Pathetic politicians like Trillanes get away with their black propaganda because some media give them the outlets to do so at their own expense.

ICC Menace

Sackur returns the mockery to Trillanes saying that ICC doesn’t have teeth oh his case against the President. ICC might not even waste time on it. He asked if Trillanes considers another coup against Du30 since he’s on dead-ends as far as legal remedies are concerned. Trillanes still wishes that ICC case progresses. It’s not the people who will benefit if the President is removed. This is very undemocratic.

Failed Coups and All

Trillanes reminds Sackur that Arroyo assumed power through a coup as well. He, however, failed to explain that it was the late former President Cory Aquino who took the late Ferdinand E. Marcos’ seat even if she lost during elections. Arroyo’s predecessor former President Erap Estrada through another “people power” revolt was also unseated. Arroyo won the election in her second term.

Political Career is Dead

Trillanes is a total national embarrassment. There’s no way he can get a re-election in the Senate. The public detests his every action. He has done a lot of damage to Philippine society and the mainstream media should realize now that they are being used to suppress their own freedom. Now, he wants to sue BBC for his wrong answers. A total idiot indeed.

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