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BBC to LP via Trillanes: Are you for Democracy or Against People’s Choice?

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Anti-administration politicians through Senator Antonio Trillanes III are brutally corrected by HARDtalk, BBC anchor, Stephen Sackur. Sensing the negativity of Trillanes towards the Philippine President, Sackur directly asked him if he is for democracy since he’s always contradicting the people’s choice. This should alarm the Liberal Party members that the world now start to get the real score on their undemocratic approaches.

Youtube video from; 24Oras Nakatutok
Trillanes Ikinagulat ng BBC ang mga Sinabi ni Trillanes sa Hardtalk

Different Rating Interpretation

Stephen Sackur confronts the senator saying that his views are “out of tune” with the general public’s sentiment towards the President. The latter remains highly popular despite controversies. Trillanes, in response, said that he is positive that things would soon change. In fact, Du30’s public approval rating had gone down in his first year in office. The anchor was obviously rumored a bit and made a remark that according to international standards, 75 % approval rating for a president is very high.

Are Filipinos not Aware?

“The bulk of the Filipino people are not really aware on the ground. The propaganda machine is very, very effective. The bulk of the Filipino public is busy with their day-to-day living; they don’t really get to know the magnitude of the damage Du30 has done,” said Trillanes. If people do not know the real score, why do Trillanes and the LP members get bashed a lot via social media? Besides, at the rate it is going, the people support the president’s every move. This includes Bongbong Marcos as his choice for his successor.

Fake News Becomes the Truth

Trillanes continued; “Historically, popularity ratings will change as the information has radiated to the general public. It will take a little time, but his numbers continue to go down and I’m quite confident towards ends of the year, it will be way below 50,” he added. Are the anti-administration groups planning to launch a fake news campaign soon against the President – just like what they did to the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos?

Working President

Sackur also said that Du30’s strategies for the country based on the rising economic progress seem to be working. Trillanes retaliated by saying: “On paper, it may appear so but let me just talk about the much-hyped $15-billion or $24-billion deal with China. It’s basically ODA – Official Development Assistance – a loan again hinged on the tax reform bill that economic managers of Du30 are pushing. It is inflationary; anti-poor. We cannot afford to give additional burden to the public,” he said. At this point, brilliant anchor realizes that Trillanes is hopeless. He is definitely out of tune with the people’s sentiments.

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