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Behavior Watch: Not fit for President when you call someone a Pig


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
First Lady Michelle Obama laid out the basic standards for leaders today. She criticizes Donald Trump who’s running for president but noted to throw hateful language on women. Shocking and demeaning remarks are not just acceptable.


Michelle Obama’s EPIC Speech on Trump’s sexiual behavior stressed that hateful and demeaning language belittling women is not acceptable especially coming from a presidentiable.

Sexually Related Bragging

A powerful man who wants to be president should not be bragging about the sexual assaults he has done. This makes women feel so small and uncomfortable. If he is elected, Americans are teaching their children that it’s okay to do so.

Children’s Bad Influence

Obscene talks, inciting violence and disrespects in Trump’s campaign trail shown on TV do not give good examples to the children who are watching. They are also worrisome to young men who are seeking for role models. Basic human decency is gone if Trump wins. They are mostly anti-Obama voters.

Enough is Enough

Voting for Trump is an insult to decent men everywhere. American families try so hard to educate children against vicious manners. To let Trump win means voters contradict their teachings on what it means to be a man. America can have a president that has better manners than a 4 year old behavior.

Hillary Clinton is Strong

A strong man does not have to let down a woman to glorify himself. Anti-Obama voters might not understand this. Even a six year old knows that one can’t be a president if he calls someone a pig. No one can be as qualified as Hillary Clinton as the next President of America. She is strong and never quits in her life especially when the going gets tough.

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