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Who would Believe that Liberal Party Got Nothing to do with Marcos-Farinas Conflict?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon, LP chair, demanded an apology from Gov. Imee Marcos even after she did so already during the July 25 hearing. Deputy Speaker Romero Federico Quimbo, the highest-ranking Liberal Party (LP) member in the House also cleared Noynoy Aquino from any political conflict between the Marcoses and Farinas’ clan saying that he has got no reason to be involved in the proceedings as an ordinary citizen of the Republic.

Youtube video from; Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: An LP official asked Gov. Imee Marcos to clear former President Aquino from the anomalies she’s involved in.

LP is Out

Quimbo did not take part in the inquiry but addressed Marcos on behalf of the Liberal Party. He said Fariñas was the last person LP would help for decimating its ranks. Former President Noynoy Aquino must not be dragged to whatever political competition they have. He even joked that even in the Congress, they are discriminated. He was only given 2 minutes to speak but raised to 5 after his complaint.

Fake News or Coverage?

“Of all issues being raised against the province, against you or whether there is animosity, I hope the party will not be made fodder as far as making the story more interesting. In this era of fake news, this is absolutely ultimate fake news,” Quimbo said. Actually, Manila Time’s coverage cannot be called a fake news because the source of the story was identified as well as the writer. It was a mere write-up on the governor’s disclosure. True or not, then the LP should bring this matter to court. How about a libel case against Gov. Marcos?

Gov. Marcos’ Apology

“I apologize. It was my mere suspicion and given that the source is uncertain, I withdraw the accusation to the integrity and the honor of the House that P100 million was circulated. That was not true, and I asked for forgiveness for hurting some of the members of Congress,” Marcos said. If this is not enough for Drilon, he can always resort to legal means if he can dispute the allegation of the governor against his Party.

Political Drama

Quimbo assures Gov. Marcos that Farinas is the last person to help the Liberal Party because he was responsible for the diminishing number of LP members. Farinas moved to the ruling Party of the President PDP-Laban with some allies. The Liberal Party is now down to 27. However, who would believe that Farinas is not anymore loyal to LP?

Imee Marcos finally testifies, escapes contempt

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