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Ben Tulfo Stresses that Bongbong Marcos Must be DILG Secretary, Slams Martial Law Critics

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

No one takes the president’s assurance seriously that he would not appoint Bongbong Marcos to the top DILG post. Opposition lawmakers in the House believed that this is a done deal from the start. Ben Tulfo also justifies the glory of Martial Law and stresses that people must not be afraid of Marcos because of it.

Youtube video from; BITAG OFFICIAL
[VIDEO]: BITAG: Ilagay niyo si Bongbong sa DILG!

President Playing Coy

Anti-administration stalwarts said that the President Duterte plays coy about the appointment of Marcos as DILG Secretary. They believe that from the start it was promised to the Marcoses as payment of a political debt. This is allegedly the same story as their patriarch’s Hero’s burial. They are quite certain that such appointment will happen.

The Good Side of Martial Law

Tulfo explains that Martial Law is a political exercise and people must not be afraid of the dictatorship fear that the Liberal Party members are propagating to block Bongbong Marcos from top positions in the government. He compared it to a slice of cheese. The good side entails discipline and progress while the bad side is the collateral damage – referring to some abuses committed by the military.

Bongbong Marcos is Happy to be DILG Sec

Bongbong Marcos made it known that if the President asks him to serve in whatever capacity, he can’t say no because that’s for the country. Instead, he is happy to accept it and even honored if such appointment happens.

Submitting to the President’s Wishes

Leni Robredo, Marcos’ rival in the Vice presidency is now changing her attitude towards issues that the president campaigns for. This is after she puts the country into a bad light with her UN side event video criticizing the administration’s war on drugs. It is also surprising that the critics of the president are leaving the country one after the other. Does this mean that a big change is indeed going to happen very soon?

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