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Beware of Evil: Robredo Believes in her Lies and Call them the Truth


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Interior and Local Government Assistant Secretary Epimaco Densing discloses that a group of “topnotch” volunteer lawyers already conduct a “case buildup” on Vice President Leni Robredo. He and the group of lawyers work to file the impeachment complaint by May when the House of Representatives resumes its session.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Panayam kay Georgina Hernandez, tagapagsalita ni VP Leni Robredo.

The Lies on Alleged Police Abuses

Robredo’s spokesperson, Georgina Hernandez, said telling the truth is not an impeachable offense. She elaborates that it is not an offense to tell the tale of families who allegedly experience such police abuses in the administration’s drug war.  Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez looks at the possibility of filing an impeachment complaint against Robredo for the betrayal of public trust with regards to her revelations in a video played during a United Nations forum in Austria. Its release coincides with the impeachment complaint filed against the President by Magdalo.

Robredo Ruined the Economy

Alvarez believes that Robredo is involved in a big activity to oust the president which Robredo already denied through words but her actions contradict her denial. Interior and Local Government Assistant Secretary Epimaco Densing said that a group of volunteer lawyers are in the process of facilitating the impeachment complaint against her. He cites economic sabotage as one of the possible charges against her since the pronouncements she made have a very strong impact on the economy. She actually paints a gruesome image of the nation that she swears to serve.


First-Hand Information?

Robredo revealed through the DRCNet Foundation posted video recording on YouTube that the police’s alleged “palit-ulo” scheme is practiced and warrantless searches in poor communities in Metro Manila are conducted. Hernandez clarified that the information given by Robredo are from published reports particularly from biased media and first-hand experiences of families who seek help at their office. This shows how shallow Robredo is. Getting data only from uninvestigated claims and hearsays. If she has regard with her office, she can call the attention of the PNP chief instead of the UN. It is very irresponsible for her to do such a thing.

Lack of Discretion

Leni Robredo’s  action is simply a manifestation that she is an incompetent public servant. If she insists that she is just telling the truth, she is therefore not in her right disposition. She clearly has no ability to handle her office because she does not know the right from wrong. Perhaps, she is already possessed by evil thus explaining her disguises. This is not impossible since it is already noted that she’s a very ambitious woman who would do anything to advance her power status.

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