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BI Probe Revenge: Trillanes Stops Aguirre’s CA Confirmation to Show Power over the Pro-Administration?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV shows his power over the pro-administration senators by stopping the CA confirmation of Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II despite his absence. That forces the Commission on Appointments or CA  to postpone its hearing to Feb. 15. This is after the Bureau of Immigration probe conflict between him and Senator Miguel Zubiri with the latter’s move to channel the BI probe away from Trillanes’ committee. Despite being in the U.S. for an official visit, he left his objection with Senator Ralph Recto demanding Aguirre to clarify his accusations against him.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Trillanes got his revenge in the BI probe by stopping Aguirre’s CA confirmation. (Excerpt from GMA’s 24 Oras)

Zubiri Followed up on Binay and Digong’s Cases

In his senate privilege speech, Zubiri demands Trillanes to give updates on his corruption accusations against Binay and the President during the presidential electi. To this date, the ombudsman still cannot find a probable cause to advance the former Vice President’s Makati building 2 alleged discrepancies. Trillanes corrects his statement that the President’s 200 million deposits are accumulated for years – and not one bulk deposit.

Administration’s Vice Presidency Hand in Favor of Bongbong Marcos

Trillanes also predicted that Bongbong Marcos becomes Vice president in 2017 as allegedly orchestrated by the present administration. It is noted that the president favors the Marcos family – but denies manipulating the possible decision of the Philippine Electoral Tribunal over the electoral protest he filed against Vice President Leni Robredo.

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Stupid Senator

Trillanes accuses Aguirre of calling him a “stupid senator” and a “son of a bitch.” Aguirre also branded him, fellow senators Leila de Lima and Francis Pangilinan of being bias to the “yellow” group. They allegedly plan to offer immunity to two sacked Bureau of Immigration commissioners. This is in in exchange for pinning down Aguirre in the P50-million extortion of  Jack Lam.

Why is Trillanes so Powerful?

Many people are surprised why a libelous senator on bail can be that powerful in the senate? Isn’t there a move to discipline him for his wrong actions earlier? Will his revenge to the pro-administration colleagues be vindicated by denying the official appointment of Aguirre for his current post assigned by the president? No wonder Aguirre is very diplomatic in promising to follow the advices of the senate. He is also ready to apologize should he hurt Trillanes’ feelings.

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