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Biased Media Used Filipino Culture to Discredit Bongbong Marcos’ Family


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

CBS has an excuse to show the Marcos family having fun while singing and dancing because they may have failed to know the Filipino culture. That is why it’s more fun in the Philippines because of the Filipinos’ love of music and dances, they may be rich or poor. However, with PhilStar, one can judge their motive.

Youtube video from; ThePolicySmith
[VIDEO]: CBS news report on the discovery and seizure of home movies of the Marcoses, shortly after the EDSA Revolution in 1986.

CBS’s Propaganda

Notice in the video that the voice over contradicts all events in the footages shown. One scene is clearly maligned where the military officers receive some kind of merit from then, President Ferdinand Marcos in an official protocol. It insinuates that General Fabian Ver got his reward from Marcos. He was acquitted for allegedly killing Cory Aquino’s husband, Ninoy Aquino.

Singing and Dancing

The whole world knows by now that most Filipinos love to sing, dance and eat. The scenes of the Marcos family’s parties do not show extravagance at all. They are normal traditions especially among politicians in the barrios. This is their way of reaching out to their constituents. Even people from the Smokey Mountain also have their “karaoke” and “baile” time. That’s just the culture.

Unfair Portrayal

Primitivo Mijares, who was the Marcos family’s chief propagandist, wrote in his book “The Conjugal Dictatorship;” Imelda Marcos had is powerful under the Marcos regime. Her lifestyle is exaggerated. There’s no mention about her achievements in the health, infrastructure and social services sectors. Imee Marcos is portrayed as a spoiled brat, while Imee Marcos, a darling bride which is a common dream of most Filipinas. Bongbong Marcos is even attacked for being a musician at heart.

Where is Justice?

The Filipino people have enough already. Now that the world is attacked by global terrorism, many think that the whole country must be under martial law. The late Marcos managed to save the nation from communist insurgents during his time. President Du30 won’t hesitate to do that if he has a valid reason. All mechanisms responsible for illegal violence must be terminated, said Enrile and that makes a lot of sense.