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Big Local Commercial Media: Giving Journalists a Bad Name

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Big commercial media locally really produce quality entertainment programs like soap operas, game and variety shows – but when it comes to news, their format did not go too far from their entertainment arrangement. So, news-worthy materials inside the country are rarely found in these news channels.

The press people working in this sector or the so-called journalists also do not have the choice but to follow the objective, goal, format and culture of the station or publication because if not, their work won’t be published or aired and goes to the trash bin instead – notice when Duterte was lining up his appointed cabinet members? Have you noticed any local media showing why so and so were chosen due to their achievements, background and capabilities that can make them an asset in their department? Instead, highlights on their, friendship, connection and contribution to Duterte’s campaign seemed to be the only vital thing on their appointment – which of course not the real reason why the President put them into such position.

So, when President Rody Duterte immediately stopped his live interviews with these journalists who used to go in and out of his premises to get his jokes and reactions that are good topics for twisted controversial stories, it is obvious that these media are having difficulty in getting anything to fill in their daily news set-up. This is why you can see all the trash displayed on tv and nonsense reports that can only annoy or bore you. All these are being blamed to the journalists when they are only following rules for their livelihood. So, who do you think are the real culprits in giving local journalists a bad name? Note however that there’s always exception to the rule.

Asia Times never have problems in setting the record straight:

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