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Bihomadu to Counter 3 Things that President Duterte Detests Most

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
In a heart to heart talk between BINAY BRIGADE leader Boy Saycon and President Duterte, the president-elect despite winning the presidency is sad about three things. First, the Comelec connivance on election cheating, second, the questionable lead of Robredo over Bongbong Marcos and third, the entry of De Lima into the senate.

The last two are the products of the Comelec’s bypassing the law. The Bihomadu group is now moving to counter all these as it will also counter any move to block President Duterte from assuming the mandate given to him by the people.

If the Comelec has not been corrupted by the outgoing administration turning the country’s constitution into a Banana Republic, the last two problems could have been easily solved without Duterte’s putting his hand on them. Since, the culprits are challenging “the Punisher”, they will immediately get the verdict before they can even spread their lies once more. Bihomadu is the Binay, Honasan, Marcos and Duterte alliance.


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