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Billionaire Branson urged Duterte to put the People First – not his Wants


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Amidst the turmoil that President Rodrigo has brought to the Philippines recently, Billionaire philanthropist Richard Branson appealed to him to stop his bloody war on drugs. Hundreds of lives have been lost without due process and mostly due to police brutality and it has “spunned out of control,” claiming more lives as he fueled this barbaric act with his insensitive orders through the media.

Duterte’s wanting to end the country’s drug problem in six months was “bound to fail” as global syndicates are now making their defense system eben tougher and more dangerous just like in Latin America and the United States when they did the same strategy in the past.

He added that “Fighting fire with fire won’t work. The Philippines must reverse course at the soonest possible time – and go back to civilization with evidence-based policies that put people first, reduce harm and put an end to these atrocities,” Branson stated online.

In his capacity as a member of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, Branson advised Duterte to “Immediately end the incitements to kill people suspected of using or dealing drugs.” Duterte must also fulfill the country’s obligations under international human rights agreements and drop his plan to reinstate the death penalty; he firmly said. However, Duterte is noted to fire back at anybody making a call on his evil ways so, we can only expect him firing back at Branson.

Branson was speaking based on concrete experience as he have some “friends familiar with the situation on the ground,”. Watch lists of drug suspects “have fueled the ambitions of trigger-happy gunmen to do as they please.” “And more people are being killed because the actual drug lords are fighting back and killing people who they think would be whistleblowers. It’s a situation that is now happening in the Philippines that used to be perceived as the home of peace-loving Filipinos. It is expected also that the conditions in the country’s overpopulated prison facilities will worsen – and only Duterte could do on this was to boast that the aged and sickly prisoners will be freed to address the clogged system.


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