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Binay: Cayetano’s Accusations on De Lima Prove his guilt over Jojo Binay’s Probe


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It’s payback time. Alan Cayetano accuses Leila de Lima of using the Senate hearing to destroy President Duterte. Nancy Binay asks: Isn’t that what he did to former Vice President Jojo Binay?


The Binay  Family is Vindicated

At least, that’s how Senator Nancy Binay feels.  Senator Alan Peter Cayetano hits on the political bias in the Senate inquiry into extrajudicial killings. He seems to forget that he  led the year-long probe against the Binay  family. That even went nowhere.
“That feeling that, foremost, it is Senator Cayetano who is saying now that the things they did before in the hearings he steered were wrong”; said Nancy Binay

Family Sentiments

During the year-long hearing just before the May 2016 election, Cayetano led 3 senators in presenting witnesses against the older Binay. Evidences of alleged corruption against then Vice President Jejomar Binay were scrutinized in the senate itself.

The televised hearings  widely  damaged Vice President Binay’s image. It pulled him down in presidential surveys that he had great advantage initially.

De Lima is just doing what Cayetano Did says Binay

Cayetano, in a privilege speech on Monday, September 19, accuses Senator Leila de Lima of using the committee on justice and human rights to get back at President Rodrigo Duterte.

Cayetano also alleges that De Lima is being “biased” in the conduct of hearings. This is with regards for failing to vet the witness, Edgar Matobato. He is a self-confessed hitman of the alleged vigilante group Davao Death Squad.

“The bias of some senators are very evident against the President”; said Binay.

Binay said this very thing Cayetano is criticizing is the same act he committed during the series of Senate investigations into the alleged overpriced Makati buildings.  That implicated the Binay family in a big way but went silent after the election.

Cayetano is Criticizing Own Deeds

Cayetano’s statements now, Binay said, prove that the past hearings against the Binays were indeed used for political reasons.

“Those are the violations he is citing now in the hearing conducted by Senator Leila de Lima. So it seems we have a vindication that the hearing then was just used for political reasons. Those were not really to search for the truth,” Binay said in Filipino

Double Standards

Binay also laments the “subjective” changing of Senate rules. She says that those that were applied to their family are no longer applicable now.

But for Binay, she’s leaving it up to karma, she said.

“I don’t know, I’m confused. The rules are subjective. Before it’s allowed, now it’s not. If you look at it, what happened before should not have been allowed, but now they harvest the wrong things they planted,” she said.

The senator, who was among those who voted to oust neophyte Senator De Lima as justice committee chair, said she did so because she does not want politics to overpower congressional hearings.

“The reason I voted in favor of that is because, maybe it’s high time we no longer use the Senate for personal ambitions, personal issues’: Binay added.

Senate Alliances Count

Binay said that if only they had the alliances that President Duterte enjoys now, their family would not have been politically persecuted in the Senate.

Binay also maintained she did not vote against De Lima based on the latter’s role in the filing of charges against her family, as she has already moved one from it.

Sources: AVIANNE TAN, ABC News


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