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Binay City Public Service: See how PWDs live a Quality Life in Makati

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Despite continued attacks on the Binays, their public service life goes on. They are now joined by many people who come to understand the meaning of proper governance. Only Makati residents can say that they are taken cared of by their government. The way that Filipinos deserve. Appropriate healthcare, abundant livelihood opportunities, care for the old people and people with disabilities alike.

[VIDEO]: The Binay public service efforts are second to none when it comes to PWD services. Inspired by their father, Senator Nancy enhanced the laws to give PWDs quality of life while Mayor Abby Binay and her team spare them from inconvenience and make their life more fun and meaningful like people without disabilities.

Service de Luxe for PWDs

Many cannot believe that ones they inquire how to qualify for PWD benefits,they are immediately taken cared of. The way they can never imagine to be happening in the Philippines. A social worker would immediately follow you up by visiting you. Get the documents needed and provide you with your PWD card. This is Mayor Abby Binay’s order.

Jejomar Binay’s Influence

The Binay siblings got the public service with a heart nature from their father. No other than former Vice President Jejomar Binay. In whatever they do, they always make it a point that the public service done can be felt by their constituents. Therefore, most Makati residents would like to share this experience to the rest of the country. If only, they are not too affected with the media propaganda in the past against the Binays.

Senator Nancy Binay for Laws with a Heart

To be able to do the actual public service as per the government’s mandate, Senator Nancy Binay made it a point to enhance PWD laws for better benefits. Existing laws are improved and additional privileges that can be added are included. It is just a matter of the local government following these regulations for their people to benefit. That’s the big advantage with Makati. The mayor is also a Binay.

Mayor Abby Binay for non-stop Quality Public Service

In the link below, you can read the report of Mayor Abby Binay for her first 100 days in office. This is written in Pilipino, the official language of the Philippines. Here you can see the difference living as legal citizen of Makati which is far from being just a Filipino citizen.


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