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Binay Confronts Accusers But Ombudsman Fails to Find Probable Cause Against Him


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It’s now 2017 but the promise of Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales against former Vice President Jejomar Binay is nowhere in sight. It announces that by July last year, at least once case will already be filed – as soon as his immunity wears off. Binay looks forward to the confrontation with his accusers in court, but no probable cause that can bring the matter there.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Binweltahan ng kampo ni dating Vice President Jejomar Binay si Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales na umano’y protektor ng Liberal Party. Tinawag nilang diversionary tactics ang pagsasampa ng Ombudsman ng kaso sa Sandiganbayan.

Morales’s Propaganda

In various interviews as written by mainstream print media, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales boasts that she will definitely file a case on malversation of public funds against Binay. This is allegedly pertaining to the Makati building 2 hearsays. After the new administration and the New Year, Morales can only try to discredit Binay to protect the wrongdoings of her Liberal Party that installs her into the position.As usual, through media propaganda.

Protecting Her Party and not the Country

Morales has shown her dedication to service the Liberal Party. This is to the extent of ruining a good old politician who’s desire is for alleviating people’s lives through quality public services. Morales allows herself to be used by the yellow faction.

If Binay is Guilty, What Took them so Long to File a Case?

If there are really clear documentations of the alleged overprice, why can’t they summon Binay? The least, file a case. This is a very obvious character assassination and until now, many Filipinos who do not have the ability to find the truth believe it.

Binay is Portrayed as Villan when he can be the Saint

All accusations of Morales through the media are all lies. Binay can never threaten anybody. Many Binay supporters even commented that Duterte’s win is a blessing in disguise because Binay’s nature is too good, kind, compassionate and loving. He would certainly fight criminals but through diplomatic disciplinary actions. He would for sure put the Filipinos out of poverty first as a priority.

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