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Binay News Flashback: Abby’s Tears on Father’s senate demolition job avenged by Makati voters

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

People remember especially the Makati residents how Abby Binay shed tears shaking as she confronts Senator Allan Peter Cayetano for making up stories against her. This is in the hope that it will add to the alleged senate demolition job against her father, former Vice President Jejomar Binay. Alleging that she orchestrated the filing of the graft cases against him and his wife.

[VIDEO]: Abby Binay tries to fight back tears while telling supporters of Senator Cayetanos’ betrayal in her friendship with his wife Lani – that she allegedly masterminded the filing of the corruption case against them.

Complainant was Abby’s Classmate

The senator claimed the complainant, Rod Vera,was Abby’s classmate in Ateneo. For him, that made her the culprit. Abby admitted that Rod was her classmate but she has nothing to do with the filing of the corruption case against Cayetano and his wife.

Cayetano’s Accusation Hurt Abby

Not only that Abby is a close friend of Cayetano’s wife Lani. She let them in into her life as personal friends. What could be the ultimate motive of Senator Alan Peter Cayetano? It can make sense only that he wanted to destroy the Binay name to deny Jojo Binay for the presidency.

Makati Voters know Best

If the Binays are really corrupt, why did UNA won in almost all  seats during the local election? In fact, only two were not from the Binay’s political party. They really made sure that Abby Binay will be mayor. Better be careful the next time you let Abby cry. She might become the President of the Philippines.

This Binay News Flashback is a Reminder to Mayor Abby’s Detractors

Abby Binay was ridiculed by many online. However, that did not affect her winning the Makati mayoralty. Like her father Jejomar Binay, she is hands on to enhance public services in Makati. That surely made Makati residents as the most privileged Filipinos.

  • Hospital, health centers, medicines, and supplements supply are repaired and developed.
  • Civilian police are trained to alleviate the shortage of national policemen deployed in the city.
  • Internet plan on public places is about to be implemented.
  • Traffic enforcers’ equipped with lapel cameras is enforced.
  • Educational supplies, subsidies, and scholarships made sufficient.
  •  Senior citizens are more taken cared of.

The next time you even attempt to bust the Binay’s in any other way, just remind yourself that you are not as taken cared of by your local government compared to a Makati voter. Some posh people in Makati might not realize this but who cares? They may not need those public services mentioned but the majority do.


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