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Binay-Ramos-Gordon: Supporting but not Tolerating Bad Manners and Actions of Duterte

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Filipinos have something to rejoice in the country’s political scene today. It is evident that many powerful personalities like former Vice President Jojo Binay, former President Fidel Ramos and Senator Richard Gordon are loyal to the country and not to their political affiliations. These three never tolerates bad manners and actions of President Rodrigo Duterte but they are his avid supporters and endorsers.

[VIDEO]: See how former President Fidel V. Ramos, one of the personalities who urged Duterte to run as President is disappointed with his first 100 days performance. The Philippines is like a leaking and sinking ship as its captain, President Rodrigo Duterte cannot unite Filipinos.

Ramos: Duterte’s ship is Sinking

Ramos campaigns to all Filipinos to do their share as the president cannot do it alone. Unity for one must be addressed first. Duterte supporters must learn to respect opinions of others and not act like during the national elections. Bashing and below the belt attacks are noted online mostly among Duterte supporters.

Senator Richard Gordon Halts Senate Probe

It was obvious that Senator Richard Gordon halted the Extra judicial Killings probe involving the President by not accepting anymore witnesses. He diverts the attention to the Death Penalty issues instead. Shortly after that, the House also announces that they are not recommending any charges for Senator Leila De Lima on her alleged Bilibid prison involvement. It looks like a fair deal for “peace” sake. He did not left the hearing without saying that the President is too noisy.

Binay Urges not to use the Senate for Character Assassination and Display of Bad Manners

Former Vice President Jejomar Binay earlier calls for the senate not to use hearings as the venue for character assassination. If there is probable cause on the allegations, they must go to court and file charges. Not act like they are the judges of bad manners displayed.

Hope for Filipinos

The silent majority must be very grateful with this development. The same as Duterte, his supporters are also very noisy. The bad thing is, they also applaud his bad moves like inspiring killings, swearing and all that. It’s time for change now to stop Duterte’s ship from sinking. Are you one in helping the President?

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